Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 17
~ Heartbeat

This week we had another visit with the midwife, and I got to meet the midwife that my girlfriend Teneille will likely have for her birth that Iíll doula for. She was great, and it was nice to finally meet her. We talked about my iron levels, and she gave me slip to get more blood work done to check it in a few weeks to see if my levels have gone up from taking the supplement. Weíll see how it goes, because Iím still not the best at remembering to take it. I also havenít gained any weight yet, and she said I should start now, at about a pound a week.

Spencer came with me this time, and Iím so glad he did because it was great for him to hear the discussions about my weight and nutrition, and to hear the babyís heartbeat! I think it really made a difference to him, because afterward he decided to get cracking on working on some projects around the house! We have to have the living room finished before our new couch arrives in a few weeks, and he went out to rent the tool to scrape up the marmoleum that was glued to our wood floors in there. It took him forever to go get it, and he came back with all these bags of groceries! He had bought all these healthy, iron-rich foods. How sweet. So the pregnancy seems more real to him now, and itís great to see him so attentive.

Itís also been awesome to finally get started on the house. Weíve only repainted the bathroom since we moved in, and the living room is in progress right now. I canít wait to have a nice living room to hang out in, and watch movies, and actually have people over to the house!

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