Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 19-22
~ Progress and Kicks (Hiccups?)

After I wrote weeks 19 and 20, the power cord and battery for our laptop got fried, and so whatever I wrote way back then is locked inside our dead laptop. Spencer ordered a new power cord, but when it arrived, he realized that we needed a new battery, so weíre waiting for that now. I thought the whole thing would be solved a lot sooner. Right now Iím typing on our really old computer that lived in Spencerís garage after we got our laptop a few years ago, and itís a bit worse for wear, and makes typing difficult.

I didnít manage to get my blood work done on time for my next midwife appointment, but it didnít seem that crucial when I told her. She said at least it gave me some more time to get my iron levels up! My midwife is going on vacation now in the summer, which is good for me because sheíll most likely be free to attend our babyís birth this Autumn, unless she does another one the day before or something like that.

It was also during this period that Spencer felt the baby move for the first time! We were just about to start a movie, and I could feel these rhythmic movements from little Peppercorn. Usually when I would get him to feel, whatever the kid was doing, it would stop, but this time it didnít. He was amazed when he felt it and said, "Wow, it really is in there!" It was a moment Iíll never forget. The movements went on for quite awhile, and I became convinced that our little one had the hiccups.

Spencer kinked his neck somehow, and so working on the living room floor was postponed a week, but I did manage to paint the living room. They have this new low-VOC paint thatís safe for pregnant women to use, and it barely smells at all! I painted it a really warm colour called "Chai Latte". I love it!

People still donít really notice Iím pregnant, but they do look at me funny when Iím working at the restaurant. I think theyíre wondering if Iím getting a fat little beer gut, or maybe considering that Iím gestating.

Iím still working my regular hours, and so far my feet have only swollen up really badly once, on a really hot day. My feet always swell when itís hot and Iím on my feet (most of my jobs have been on-my-feet-jobs, Iíve only ever had one office job) so I knew that with pregnancy they would swell more. They were pretty ugly, but not pitted. The midwife said thereís not much one can do except put the feet up, and soak them in an Epsom bath. Both of those sound fine to me after a long day at the hair salon, then walking the dog, and then a few hours at the restaurant!


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