Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 23
~ Housework

The most exciting thing this week was the work we got done on our living room. Spencer worked really hard on the getting that room done! He scraped all the marmoleum off the fir floors, and then he sanded and sanded them. I think he did it four or five times to get all the glue off them, and then to get the floor nice and smooth. I just tried to stay out of the way and clean up any dust that escaped my carefully taped plastic divider curtains. We bought some black slate tiles for the section of the living room that has plywood floors (an addition to the house at some point) and I think theyre going to look really great. Im so glad well be carpet-free - they just breed dust and disease and dirt.

This week our friend also came to stay with us, and he helped us lay the slate in our living room. It was slightly fun, but mostly frustrating, but we got it done and we just need to grout them. He was such a big help, as neither Spencer or I had ever laid tile before, and Spencer can be a bit haphazard. With horrible timing, our couch also arrived the day we started laying the tiles, and it is HUGE! We had to stack it up on the floors that Spencer had just stained so that we had enough room to tile. It was very frustrating to have the couch but not be able to sit on it. The living room is still taped off because of all the fumes that come along with doing floors, and were not using it right now to live in yet.

My mum is coming to visit soon for our birthday, right after my girlfriend Teneille has her baby shower. Im her right-hand woman for planning the shower, so its gong to be a busy time coming up soon!


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