Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 24
~ Planning a Shower

This week was really busy and I know that next week will be even busier! I spent a lot of time shopping and planning for my friend Teneilleís baby shower. Itís being held at our friend and my hairdressing bossí house (she has a pool!) and Iím excited for all the fun and good food.

Spencer also finished polyurethane-ing the floor in the living room, and the couch is all set up in there! Itís so big and comfy, I am in love with it. I hung a few pictures to make it seem more homey in there. Weíre using an old antique trunk as a coffee table right now, and I think weíll leave it for awhile - itís nice and high and it looks good in there.

The weather has been been decidedly cold for Summer, and the North wind has been blowing. Everyoneís complaining about it and wondering when Summer will really come. I think itís strange, but Iím not complaining because Iím not looking forward to being hot and pregnant! Hopefully the weather will co-operate for Teneilleís shower, though, and be hot enough that people will want to go in the pool.

People are finally noticing that Iím pregnant! Iím still in the ďeasyĒ stage of pregnancy - I really donít have any major complaints, but I finally have enough of a bump that itís obvious that Iím pregnant. All of a sudden everyoneís asking me when Iím due. Maybe later Iíll get sick of all the pregnancy attention, but for right now itís great.

Iíve started to get a bit of heartburn if I eat too late at night, or if I eat too much. I also canít bend over after Iíve eaten a full meal. So there are now Tums in my bathroom cupboard! They live right next to the iron pills which I struggle to remember to take every day. Why canít I remember to take them? I know that itís important, because in a few weeks the baby will start to store iron in its liver for its first six months of life outside the womb. If I donít have enough iron built up, then Iíll become anemic. Maybe Iíll make a little sign to put on the bathroom mirror to remind me . . .


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