Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 25
~ Baby Shower and Busyness!

Teneille’s shower was a success, and it went very smoothly thanks to all our careful planning. The food was awesome, delicious, and nutritious (we assigned different dishes to her close friends instead of the usual pot-luck where everyone brings a lame salad). The weather co-operated and after about an hour it got really hot and sunny and everyone swam in the pool. I organized some funny games, and Teneille had cool beach bags with re-usable cold drink cups for prizes. One game was "Guess the Bébé" and I posted pictures of the guests as babies (they weren’t allowed to tell who they were) and the other was "Guess the Bébé Food" where I dyed some baby food and they had to guess what it was. The last game was a word scramble game where they had to call out what they thought the baby-themed word was. Teneille got so many beautiful and practical gifts, and everyone had fun. I was exhausted by the end, but it was great.

I also painted our bedroom this week, a beautiful rusty red called “Restful Red”. Spencer and I grouted the tiles in the living room, so now we just have to seal them.

On Monday we were invited to a birthday barbeque for a friend of ours, but Spencer and I both had to work. I was getting stressed out because my mum was arriving on Tuesday, and I hadn’t finished painting our bedroom. We still had to switch around the furniture from the guest bedroom (where we’ve been sleeping for the last six months) to our bedroom, and I was really counting on Spencer’s help after work on Monday. (I can’t move furniture by myself!) But he informed me, when he got home from work, that he had told his sister he would help her move a load of hay for her decrepit horses! I was so mad, because we both also really wanted to go the barbeque, and it started at 6:00-6:30. I knew he wouldn’t be back in time to help me with the furniture, and we would have to do it in the morning before work. So he left, and he was gone for three hours! I actually waited for him for over an hour, after I had finished the last touches of paint and cleaned myself up. When he came back, he had a friend with him who had helped him with the hay, and so before we went to the barbeque we had to drop the friend off across town. I was so mad at him in the truck, and was positively fuming at the sight of the hay debris in the back. We made up before the night was over, but he was oddly unapologetic about the whole thing.

The next day I got up very early and cleaned what I could in the house, because my mum was due to arrive while I was at work. Then I woke Spencer up and we moved all the furniture from the bedrooms around, and just got it set up in time for the phone call to say that he was called in to work that day. I almost cried, because there was some more cleaning to be done, and he could have done it after I went to work, except now he would be at work, too. I called my boss at the hair salon to see what time I was scheduled to work until. She knew my mum was coming, and had mentioned, a few days before, that we would book off early so I could leave when my mum arrived. But when I called she told me my last appointment was booked for 3:30 pm, and that meant that I wouldn’t get out of work until around 5:00 pm. After I hung up I really did cry; I just couldn’t believe she would book that appointment knowing my mum was coming. I had hoped I could sneak home and do the final clean-up before my mum arrived, but she just had to see my messy house.

Once I got to work I just decided to relax and go with the flow, because obviously the day had things planned for me that I could not foresee. Things went better after that, and it was so exciting to have my mum arrive! I got to leave work for an hour to go home with her and unpack her car, and then I went back for my last appointment. The weather has changed drastically from last week, and we’re now in the middle of a heat wave. The hair salon was an extremely uncomfortable place to be at that time in the afternoon, but we duked it out. It was my mum’s first visit to our home, and the furthest North she’s been on the Island besides Victoria and Parksville. We had a nice easy dinner of roast chicken from the grocery store deli, with a salad and bread, but it was really too hot for me to eat too much. The heat is really affecting me with the added bonus of pregnancy; hopefully it won’t last too long.

Until next week (my birthday!),


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