Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 26
~ Birthday Surprises

On Wednesday I brought my mum to the hair salon and I hi-lited her hair for her, and then we went for a dog walk/swim in Bevan with Teneille and her dog Tycho. Tycho and Vega had fun swimming in the river, and Teneille and I went in up to legs only. It was the hottest day of the year, and it broke records for the Valley -- 37° (that's Celcius!)! After our walk my mum and I went to the fabric store to pick out some fabrics for the two baby quilts she’s making for our little Peppercorn.

Chelsea and her birthday presentMy boss Darilyn offered to make us and early birthday dinner, so we went to Royston and swam in her pool while dinner was on the barbeque. It was so refreshing! After such a hot and muggy day, I really needed it. Before dinner, Spencer said he wanted to give me my present when everyone was in the room. I was surprised, because we don’t usually get each other gifts, and certainly don’t make a big deal of giving them to each other in front of everbody! Anyway, he gave me a box that he’d wrapped, and it was pretty heavy. Inside it was filled with hay, with a brick at the bottom. There was a note inside, and it read: “ ’Hay’ baby, why don’t you ’just’ take a look outside?” I opened the sliding glass door, and looked over the balcony, and there was a little white Subaru Justy, all wrapped up with a big bow! Spencer had secretly scouted it out, and it was the car he was picking up in Campbell River, not hay for his sister! He had fixed it up, and given it a few extras (new rims and tires, a push-button ignition for example) before he gave it to me. It was the best birthday present ever! Justys have four doors and a hatchback, which will be so great for when the baby comes. They’re really great on gas, and they have four-wheel-drive which is definitely safer for the Winters here. Darilyn and my mum both got me driving lessons, so I can actually take the road test so I can drive by myself.

On Thursday we went for lunch with Spencer’s mom on her lunch break, and then the three of us fell asleep when we got home because it was so hot! The nap meant that we left later than we wanted for Nanaimo, but we still went. We got a few nice things for the house, and then had a yummy dinner at the Cactus Club before Spencer had to catch his ferry.

Friday was my mum’s and my actual birthday, and we really spoiled ourselves. We had waffles for breakfast, and then got manicures and pedicures. We took a walk along the beach with my pooch, and my mum collected shells. We visited Spencer’s mom and she showed us her beautiful garden, and we went out for a great dinner at the restaurant that I work at. It was so great to have my birthday with my mum while I’m pregnant, it was so cool to have three generations (the newest one in utero!) all together. I also received a lot of phone calls from old friends and did some catching up, and updating everyone on my pregnancy. This was probably my best birthday ever.


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