Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 27
~ Driving, A Lot

On Sunday I went to Nanaimo with Teneille to get Spencer. It was fun driving my little car on the highway! Then on Monday we relaxed after I finished work, which was great because the last week was such a busy one. On Tuesday I worked at the hair salon and then had a big two-hour nap because my cousin Jillian was coming to visit. I knew she was going to arrive later, and wanted to be able to stay up late with her to visit. It was so great to have a big comfy couch to relax on and chat with her - I definitely canít sit in our wooden kitchen chairs for too long at this point in the pregnancy.

On Wednesday I drove with Teneille down-Island for her dog to get a minor eye surgery, and we went to Old Navy to check out the maternity section. I totally scored on a pair of maternity jeans, the last in my size and length! They fit great with room for my belly to grow, and theyíre so comfortable! I can still wear my regular jeans unzipped with my Bella Band, but the new jeans are much more comfortable. I think Iíll have to get another pair before the babyís born, because I practically live in jeans when itís cool enough to wear them. My cousin stayed until Thursday morning, so we got to visit again on Wednesday night, which was great.

On Thursday I went and renewed my learnerís license, and picked up the books with the stuff I need to know to get my Novice license. I will be driving solo before this baby is born!


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