Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28
~ Ina Mayís Guide to Childbirth

Chelsea at 28 weeksI go to the midwife every two weeks now, and my last appointment was great, she said it seems Iím having a perfect pregnancy! I certainly feel great, and have lots of energy still. (Except when I forget to take my iron for a few days.) I had my blood tested and will get the results of my hemoglobin/iron levels the next time I go to the midwife. Luckily the hot hot weather only lasted a week here, and now itís back to a normal West Coast Summer - nice and sunny but breezy and not too hot. Iíve declined the gestational diabetes test, as I have virtually no risk factors for it, and I havenít exhibited any of the symptoms so far.

Right now Iím reading a really great book that Iím sure I will soon add to my library. Itís written by Ina May Gaskin, and itís called Ina Mayís Guide to Childbirth. The first part of the book is several birth stories, all inspiring, and most of them challenging. The second part of the book (where I am right now) is evidence-based research outcomes for different aspects of birth. The interesting part about the research is that a lot of it focuses on un-medicated, non-intervention births. Thereís not a lot of research about this kind of birth (the kind of birth which I believe every woman has the right to pursue) because the mainstream medical community doesnít support this kind of birth very strongly. I realize that Iím lucky to live in a place where many of the interventions that Ina May discusses donít occur frequently at the hospital. But these interventions (routine suction, induction, episiotomies, etc.) are common and occur routinely in hospitals everywhere. Iím so thankful to have the considerate and natural-approach care of a team of midwives, and to have the option to birth our child in our home. But Ina Mayís book has been a real eye-opener, not just as a soon-to-be mother, but as a doula as well. Her own records and others from similar communities where natural and low-intervention births take place prove that most of the routine procedures performed on laboring women are mostly unnecessary and often dangerous. Itís definitely a book I will buy - especially since the libraryís copy is always on request!

Chelsea at 28 weeksWell, I certainly look pregnant now! It used to bug me that I wasnít quite big enough for anyone to know, and now thereís no hiding it. It seems that everywhere I go people comment - everyone wants to know when the babyís due. Itís fun to hear peopleís pregnancy stories - I havenít had too many awful birth horror-stories yet - I donít think Iím big enough for that yet. I love my little baby bump, although sometimes it gets in the way when Iím trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in!

Thatís it Ďtil next week,


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