Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 29
~ Are You Sisters?

My friend Teneille is pregnant too, and it seems that lately everywhere we go people ask us if we’re due at the same time, and if we’re sisters. It’s so fun to have someone to be pregnant with! We’re a similar size now because her baby has dropped down early and so her tummy’s a bit lower, and I am just growing like crazy. Her imminent birth also has me thinking about all the preparations we still have to do for our baby. Teneille and her husband had most of their baby stuff bought or given to them months ago, and we haven’t even really started!

We went to the Filburg Festival this week, and it was really fun. I got a cute wooden rainbow stacker toy for the baby’s room. It was such a beautiful day, and we got to look at all the vendors’ booths and have a yummy lunch.

We finally have one girl name! We’ve decided that if we have a girl her middle name will be Sparrow, so now we just have to think up a first name. That way when she’s little we can call her Sparrow, but if she wants to have a “regular” name later, she can use her first name.

It’s my last Saturday night shift at the restaurant this week, and I’m so excited. Now the only day I work a double is Friday, and it’ll be so great to have Saturday night off as I work the early shift on Sunday.

Spencer tried listening to the baby’s heartbeat with a wineglass, and it worked! It was so neat. I also felt a weird sliding motion under my hand when it was resting on my belly. I’m not sure what part of the baby it was, but it was definitely a new sensation.

That’s all for now,

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