Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 30
~ Baby Ronanís Birth

My friend Teneille had her baby!

Little Ronan came two and a half weeks early, and I was her doula at the hospital where she had him. She did so well at the birth, she is so strong and Iím so proud of her. She laboured at home over night, and in the morning we went to the hospital, where she laboured all day. She had him at 5:40pm. It was an all-natural birth, and she was in the shower a bit, but mostly she just slogged through it herself. Her husband and I were available for massage and support, but we didnít do a lot of massage, honestly. She got through the contractions just fine on her own, and then we would help her relax in between and keep her hydrated. She pushed for about an hour and a half, and it was so amazing when he came out!! I felt like I already knew him, like ďOh, there he is!Ē Itís funny, because when she was pregnant everyone thought she was having a girl, even her and her husband, and so did I. But when I met them at the hospital, I started having doubts that it was a girl. Sure enough, Ronan is definitely a boy.

Iíve noticed so much more movement from my baby since Ronanís birth. Whenever the midwives would listen to Ronanís heart on the monitor, my baby would kick every time! The type of movements have changed, too. Instead of just the random jerks and bumps Iíve been getting, Iíve also been having more of the sliding movements. Those are my favourite, when I can put my hand on my tummy and feel a leg or an arm sliding around. Sometimes if I press down I can feel the shape of the baby, but I have no idea what body parts Iím feeling!

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