Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31
~ Baby Names

So we have decided on a name for a girl! Isla Sparrow. Spencer really liked the name Ella, and I like it too. But it kept reminding me of "elephant." I love elephants, I have nothing against them, but I just didnít like the "E" sound of that name. So I started playing around with the sound, Ella, Ayla, Isla!! I looked it up, and Isla is an actual name. Itís Scottish and it means "island" (obviously) and also "sweet". Spencer really likes it too, and it really rolls of the tongue. So now we have a girlís and a boyís name, although for a boy we havenít settled on a middle name yet. We will call him Liam if itís a boy, but I like William Drake, and Spencer likes William Sparrow. So weíll see, maybe we have to just meet it to know!

There is still so much movement from little Baby Peppercorn! Itís all up high in my uterus, and itís all the time now, not just when Iím sitting down. Although, I think it still does move around more when Iím sitting. My belly button is inside-out now, and can be seen sticking out from my shirt.

Until next week,

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