Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 33
~ Pre-natal Classes and Onesies

We had our first pre-natal class this week. There is such a wide variety of parents in the class, and it truly amazes me how little some people have educated themselves. I know that birth and pregnancy are my passion and something Iíve been "into" for many years, but itís really shocking how uninformed and ignorant some people are. Thankfully we have an amazing instructor who is also a doula, and she explains everything really well. She is really warm and funny, and she really knows her stuff. Iíve been to pre-natal classes before, when I did my doula training, and sometimes the teacher would be stumped by the simplest question, but our instructor is really up-to-date on her info. Iím so happy to be having my baby here - even the fact that we get great pre-natal classes for free reassures me that we have excellent health care here.

Spencerís getting excited for the baby too, and I think that the pre-natal classes are especially important for him. It gives him a place to ask questions and learn, and also to be around other pregnant couples. He picked up a kiddie pool while he was working this week, and we have an air-compressor so itíll be a cinch to blow up.

I did a bunch of baby laundry; it was so exciting, I know Iím a big nerd. I have lots of short-sleeved onesies, and a few long-sleeved ones. I also have about forty baby washcloths, which weíll use instead of wipes at home, as well as about seven receiving blankets and some hooded towels. I also have some waterproof change pads. Itís all washed and in the cute corduroy bassinet that I picked up at a consignment shop and washed, too. I still need some Babylegs and pants, as well as socks and hats. I have a few hand-knit sweaters and hats that were mine that my mum brought in July when she visited, as well. Oh, and I still need diapers, I donít have any yet. Weíre going to do disposable for the first little bit, and then switch to cloth after a few days or weeks. It depends on how I feel after the labour.

Itís so fun to be around baby Ronan, and to cuddle him and snuggle. It wonít be too much longer until I have my own newborn! Itís been great that Teneille had to do everything first, because she fills me in on what kinds of things Iíll need, etc.

Bye for now,

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