Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ Qualicum Trip and Nursery Furniture

This week I went to Qualicum to visit some friends who were staying at a beach cabin. Teneille came with her man and her baby, and Spencer came by on his way home from Vancouver. We had an awesome time, and a really nice dinner, and my dog did lots of swimming, which she loved!

Spencerís been getting lots of things done around the house too, he puts me to shame! My feet and ankles have been really swollen because itís gotten warmer again, plus I stand all the time at my jobs. So Iíve been trying to get things done on my days off, but also trying to put my feet up as much as a I can, too. I painted Spencerís old dresser (it has cute over-sized circular knobs) for the baby (chocolate brown with sky-blue knobs) and also the baby change-table that Spencer and I made out of an old bookshelf (just white). I wanted to do the little bookshelf (just white) as well, but ran out of sunshine. Next week, then. Next week I also plan on painting the walls in the babyís room. Theyíll be a really pretty light green called Thyme Garden. We also got a neat cabinet from our friends who were staying in Qualicum, and itíll go above the change-table. Itís already white, so Iím not going to paint it!

Spencer also blew up the labour pool, and I sat in it in the yard for awhile. We left it out in the sun in hopes that it will lose some it's "plastic-y" smell.

We had our second pre-natal class, and we learned about the first stage of labour. We also had another midwife appointment and I got some more baby clothes from the sharing box they have there, so now I have enough sleepers!

Our cat Dexter seems to think that the bassinet full of clean baby clothes is his new bed, and heís so cute when heís in it that I canít bear to make him get out. I just put a towel over it so he doesnít get fur and stuff all over my nice baby laundry.

I definitely have "baby-brain" now, and Iím thinking about our little one almost constantly. I am really tired now after work, even a five or six-hour shift. I feel bad for our dog, because most days Iím too tired to take her for a walk if Iíve worked. Itíll be so nice to be on maternity leave and not have to rush around anywhere! My poor feet have been really swollen, luckily that doesnít hurt though, it just looks ugly!

Thatís all for now,

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