Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ Labor Support

So one thing that has been in the back of my mind when thinking about the birth is that I want to have a support person there, but I couldnít think of who. I donít necessarily want or need the person to be a doula with specific training - I have enough knowledge about labor and birth myself to feel comfortable.

There are a few people that Iíd really like to be there and who would be a good fit, but they all live out of town. Itís too hard to say to someone - "Hey, Iíd love for you to support Spencer and I, and be there for the birth of our child. Can you take about a month off work, come to where I live, and wait for me to go into labor?" Itís too stressful all around. I know my mum would love to be here, and she is taking some time off to come stay with me at some point, but I donít want to have to call her to come when I "think" Iím in labor as she lives about ten hours travel away. It could take me days or just hours to have the baby. I need someone steady, who I can just have around.

Ideally my friend Teneille would be great, but she just had a baby of her own and it wouldnít be feasible for her to be my support when she has a newborn herself. So I was starting to think about which of my friends in town here would be a good candidate for a labor support person.

Then out of the blue my cousin Jillian called me and told me that she really wants to be there for the birth and that she can come stay with us until the babyís born! Which is great, because sheís known Spencer the longest of all my friends (longer than I have in fact) and weíre both 100% comfortable with her. Sheís more like my sister than my cousin - we grew up together and we lived together for years as adults. So she is going to take some time off her job because itís the slow season for her right now anyway, and come and stay with us until the babyís born. Iím going to train her how to do some hair colours and hi-lites at the salon so that she can take on some of my shifts until the new girl is finished hair school.

So with that worry out of the way, Iíve really been focusing on the babyís room. I painted the walls a really pretty green colour called "Thyme Garden" with a chocolate-brown racing stripe running around the wall about two and a half feet from the floor. (The same stripe is in other rooms of the house, at varying heights on the walls.) The ceiling was already painted to look like a sky with clouds and metallic stars, and the trim is already white, so I left that.

I also put up a sign in the mirror at work letting customers know when my remaining days of work are so they can book ahead and get an appointment with me before Iím off. I made my last days in the first week of October, which is a bit longer than I really wanted to work. (My due date is October 24th.) But I wanted to have a chance to train someone, so hopefully Iíll get to show Jillian some things. When my boss read the sign I had put up, I could tell that she was disappointed. She laughed and then admitted that she actually thought I was just going to keep working right up until I went into labor! I donít plan on being totally exhausted when I do go into labor, so thatís not likely unless this baby comes early.

Until next week,

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