Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ Getting Prepared for Birth

Chelsea's lumberjack bellyOne of my co-workers has very generously offered to host a baby shower for me! Sheís also pregnant (itís a bit of an epidemic at the restaurant now - what have I started?) and couldnít believe that no one was planning one for me yet. She has a really cool house; I went there for a wonderful Christmas Eve party last year. It will be really casual, and weíll listen to records and play pool. That will be on the 15th of October - hopefully the baby will wait until then! We wanted to have it on the week before, but then we realized that that is Thanksgiving Monday. Iím looking forward to it - it will be really fun to get together will all the girls away from work.

Speaking of work, I had my last day at the restaurant this week. It was a bit sad, but it honestly didnít feel real. I think it just hasnít sunk in yet. I know I should be taking it easy, but I still feel guilty for not working.

My hospital bag is all ready in case we need to go there in an emergency, or if I go into labour before 37 weeks. (No home birth before 37 weeks.) I got the cutest suitcase from a second-hand shop near our house, and itís got everything ready to go in there, even baby clothes. The home birth kit is also almost complete - I washed all our extra ugly towels and sheets, and we picked up the rest of the things we needed as well. Itís all ready to go in a laundry basket in the babyís room.

Our midwife came by for a home visit. Unfortunately it was a little rushed, as she was running late, and I had to be back at work for a late hair client. She brought the UBC midwifery program student with her, and both Spencer and I really liked her. Weíve given permission for her to be there for our birth, and we both really wanted to meet her beforehand. They showed us how to feel the babyís head (facing down, thank goodness) and the little pointy bump Iíve been feeling at the top of my belly is the babyís bum! Baby never squirms around much when we have a midwife appointment, but itís definitely quite active lately, especially at night when Iím relaxing. I love seeing it move under my skin, itís so mysterious.

Next week is my official last week of work as I have three shifts left at the hair salon. Iím a bit sad, but also really excited - I just donít want to go to work anymore. Iíd much rather sit around and daydream about my baby!

Until next week,

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