Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 37
~ Last week of work!

I thought that as my pregnancy progressed, the changes occurring would slow down and nothing new would happen, but that Iíd just get bigger. But Iíve definitely been feeling the baby more - its shape, its movements, like itís almost outside of me already. When I sit down I can feel its whole shape with my hands. I canít always tell what bump is what, but itís easy to feel that thereís a human being inside me and itís not just a big pot-belly. It gets the hiccups almost every day, and as its head is facing downwards, I can feel the hiccups really low down near my cervix, and whichever side its face is pointing. Sometimes I can even see my belly jiggle with the force of the hiccups. When it moves its legs (near the top of my belly) it creates a queer stretching sensation in my skin, as it actually moves and stretches! I spend a lot of time lately just sitting and lightly rubbing my belly, marveling at the miracle of a little person inside of me.

Weíre definitely in full baby-preparation mode now. Spencer is making arrangements with his boss so that he can come home quickly if I go into labour while heís away. He had a dream that he missed the birth because he couldnít get home in time, and itís really worrying him now. Luckily his boss has offered to buy him a plane ticket if it does start while heís away, which is really the perfect solution because then he could be home in about an hour and a half instead of five or more.

I had my very last day of work this week as well. It was a nice, mellow day at the hair salon, which is what I wanted. We started early to do some hair for a wedding, and the only thing that got me out of bed that early was knowing that it was the last time Iíd have to rush off to work for a very long time! My boss bought me lunch, and I was finished and on my way home by 2:30 pm. I did some grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner on Monday, and when I got home it was hard to believe that Iím really done. It hasnít really sunk in yet.

Oh, last week I forgot to mention that I picked up a cradle for $10! It fits nicely right beside our bed, and it sort of matches our bedroom furniture. Iíve asked my bossí husband (at the hair salon) if he could make a mattress for me, as he has an upholstery shop so it would be super easy for him. It just needs a little oil in the hinges as it really squeaks when you rock it.

Iíve started with my freezer-stocking, making sauces and stews and such. Hopefully Iíll just be able to add a little more each week and weíll have lots to choose from when the baby comes. I did a major fridge and freezer cleanout last week, so itís all spic and span and thereís no gross stuff moldering in the back. Iíve also got a little list of puttery things to do around the house while Iím not working. Itís really become a compulsion for me to be organized and prepared. When the baby comes, I just want to be able to relax and get to know it, and not have to worry about household responsibilities too much.

Thatís all for now!

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