Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 38
~ Unemployed! And Baby Shower

So this week was my first week as an unemployed person. It was a bit strange, but also fun. I did a lot of cooking and baking, and the freezer is getting really stocked up now with all sorts of food in plastic containers. Itís really exciting for the nerdy organized part of me to open the freezer and see everything all lined up and labeled in there, waiting for when the baby comes. Itís also been nice to get the house cleaned up a bit - itís hard to keep the dog-hair dust bunnies at bay when youíre pregnant and working five days a week.

Monday was the day of my baby shower, and it was such a fun party! All my girls from work showed up, plus my boss from the hair salon and a few others. The food was awesome - it was potluck and everyone brought something really different and yummy. I totally stuffed myself and drank about eight glasses of delicious punch. We did some dancing (everyone was joking that I was trying to dance the baby out) and then opened gifts before everyone went home. We got some really sweet things for the baby, and some people got me some nice gifts - one of them was a beautiful purple shawl for after the babyís born. Iíve been looking for something like it - that I can wrap around me and the baby when itís in its carrier or sling. But Iíve been wearing it already, it works great for pregnant ladies, too! I also got some nice wool slippers, in my favourite peacock colours. Quite a few people got books for the baby, which I love, and some cute clothes, hats, and bath things. We also got a peanut shell baby carrier, in a very pretty turquoise and brown print.

My cousin should be here next week, so I wonít be alone if Spencer goes out of town for one more week of work.


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