Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 39
~ Getting Excited!

Well, we werenít sure if Spencer was going to go to work this week. He did end up going in the end, but the midwife checked my cervix, and it was about halfway there to being ready to go. It was obvious that she didnít think he should go, as she said that there was definitely the possibility that I could go into labour over the weekend, but she also knew that financially it was better for us for him to work one last week before his vacation. So we decided that he would go, and we were just prepared for the fact that he might have had to rush back at the last minute if I went into labour. Well, obviously I didnít have the baby, or this would say "Birth Story" at the top, so that wasnít an issue.

My cousin came on the day that Spencer left for work, and we had a fun time over the weekend. We went for a few dog walks, and sheís so great at taking Vega for great big long hikes. Iíve actually noticed that my dog has lost weight since Jillianís been here because sheís been getting so much exercise but still eating the same amount! It's nice because I just don't have the energy or wind to take her for long walks right now. Iíve continued on my cooking and baking frenzy, although not as much as last week when I was by myself. It was great not to be by myself, especially with the realization that I could have the baby any day.

Iíve noticed that the baby isnít moving around as much, but the midwife says this is normal. Itís starting to run out of room in there! Its head is really low down, so all I feel anymore are a few kicks up high in my belly, and the daily round of hiccups. As long as I get ten movements in ten hours, she says thatís okay. But Iím starting to get really excited for the birth, and to finally meet our baby! Spencerís getting excited too, and heís really looking forward to his four weeks of vacation which start next week.

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