Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 40
~ Impatient

Chelsea and SpencerWell, this week was very different from the other weeks in my pregnancy. Iíve been so antsy and impatient, I just want to give birth! I canít wait to meet our baby. Spencerís on vacation now, which has been awesome. We havenít really spent too much time together in the last year, so itís been so great to have him home every day. Jillian has continued to take our dog out daily, and Vega is so happy. We are trying to keep busy, and luckily the weatherís been nice and crisp and clear, but admittedly we are all starting to get a little bored.

Iím not really sick of being pregnant, but the anticipation of waiting for the birth is just so overwhelming! I think that adding to that anxiety is the fact that the three of us are all basically unemployed or on vacation right now, and weíre all just waiting. Iím trying to enjoy my last days of pregnancy, because Iím sure Iíll miss it when Iím not pregnant anymore.

Weíve tried several things already to get the labour going. Our midwife has swept my membranes twice to try to get some contractions started. This gave me some crampy contractions for awhile, but nothing that lasted. Iíve also tried going for long walks, which does the same thing - cramps for awhile, then they fade away to nothing. The only contractions Iíve had besides the usual Braxton Hicks Iíve had for about two weeks now were when Jillian and I were in Nanaimo at the mall! Weíve gone twice, and the first time I had contractions the whole time she was trying on bras in La Senza. The second time, a few days later, I had a couple strong contractions while I was on the toilet. Weíve tried sex, and nipple stimulation. But again, nothing seems to have lingered, and baby is still in there. If I make it to forty-one weeks, then there is a standard test I have to get done at the hospital, called a non-stress test. They just use the external monitors to see how the babyís heart is doing, so they can judge if the placenta is ďagedĒ or not. Then if I make it to 10 days overdue, Iíll go in for an ultrasound to make sure the babyís okay. I hope it doesnít have to come to that - I want to have this baby at home!

Hopefully soon to have a baby,

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