Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 6
~ Food Issues

Well, as usual in my life, food is playing a very big part of how my days are going. I wake in the morning feeling unlike my usual self, and this is the one thing that stays with me through the entire day - that my appetite feels so unlike my own! I realized today that Iíve become a picky eater for the first time in many years.

Normally Iíll eat just about anything thatís around; I just have to imagine it in my mind, and it seems good to me, so I make it and eat it. But now, with whatever hormones and metabolic changes are taking place in my body, not just anything will suffice. I still use my imagination to forecast what I want to eat - but thereís usually only one or two things that will do. For instance, even though I brought home a perfectly good quesadilla from work tonight, a few bites were all I could handle. I didnít make me feel sick or nauseous, I just didnít want it.

In fact, all I could think of was having half of one of the whole wheat bagels on the counter, toasted and with a bit of organic peanut butter. I couldnít stop thinking about it. I tried to rationalize my way out of it, and tell myself that I havenít wanted to eat something like that this late at night since I was about fifteen, and Jackie and I used to sneak down to the kitchen to eat squirrel peanut butter on whole wheat bread.

But I decided to make it anyway. And I discovered just how good it is when you are pregnant and you crave something, and you get it. Yum!

And thereís something else, too. Grapes. Delicious, round, juicy, cold, red, seedless grapes. Yes, I know they came from Chile; and yes, I know what kind of an environmental footprint that entails. But I cannot get enough! I went to Thriftyís today after work, just before they closed, and bought another five dollars worth. I only buy grapes when theyíre on sale and since we picked up a bunch last week I just canít stop! As my bagel was toasting earlier, I rinsed the grapes and then stood at the sink plucking them madly and stuffing them into my mouth. No food had ever tasted so good.

Other than that the rest of me is normal. Iím a bit touchy, Iíve noticed, over sentimental things, like pictures of puppies and lovey things. Tears spring to my eyes much easier than Iím used to. The only part of my body that feels any different are my breasts - hard and sore, with extra sensitive yet itchy nipples. But they look great in a low-cut top! Oh, and I definitely feel bloated, although Iím not sure if thatís the weird food Iíve been eating or my growing uterus or both.

Yay! Spencer comes home soon. Oh, and Iíve named the embryo Baby Peppercorn. I found out last week that thatís how big it is - the size of a peppercorn!

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