Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 8
~ Midwife Visit

Yesterday I went to meet with one of the midwives at their office downtown. It was awesome, and she was so nice. They've converted a little old heritage house into a beautiful space. All the colours are beautiful and relaxing, and actually inspired me for the colour of our living room. (Creamy warm beige, it's called "Chai Latte".) Their living room is the waiting area, and they have a big spot on the floor where kids can play with cool toys and books. They ask you to take off your shoes and they have a slipper collection (cute fuzzy animals, or little granny-knitted slippers) for you to wear. There's a little bathroom off the living room where you weigh yourself every time you go there, and test your urine with a little strip to check for glucose and things. The old kitchen is now their office, with books and computers and fax machines. The back laundry room is a tiny little kitchen where they always have a pot of herbal tea and a fridge for snacks. The smaller bedroom is an examination room; it has the padded table like in a doctor's office, but it's decorated nicely and isn't clinical-feeling. The larger bedroom is beautiful and has a sage-green chaise lounge to sit on, and to do belly-exams later on. There are about four other comfy chairs, and in the corner some baby-exam change tables.

The midwife I spoke with was great! She was one of the midwives who was very involved in bringing the midwifery education program to UBC, and making midwifery legal in B.C., meaning that it's also covered by B.C. Medical. So that means that any woman can choose to have a midwife or doctor for their birth, and they both have the same hospital privileges. (Although doctors don't do home births, and midwives do.) She has over thirty years of experience, and many home births under her belt. I was really comfortable with her. I'm hoping to give birth at home if my pregnancy progresses normally, and it's great to know that the midwives at the clinic have almost one hundred years of experience between them.

She gave me some forms to go get blood work done, so I think I will do that next week. In two weeks, when I'll be ten weeks along, I go back to the clinic for a pap, physical, and history-taking.

My appetite it still all weird, and the nausea seems to come and go at all times of day. I've noticed it especially if I stay up too late and get tired. The midwife gave me some paperwork and one of the tips was to try B vitamins, and my B-complex is a folic acid combo, too, so I'm taking that. I've basically been eating mostly carbs and fruit, and only eating meat at work. Luckily the nausea hasn't been too debilitating; I've been way sicker than this before with the flu, and even hangovers! It's just never lasted this long before. But I can stick through it, Iím a tough cookie . . .

Thatís all for this week,

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