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Entry 12 ~ November 24, 2008
~ Happy Thanksgiving!

Mom is feeling so much better
Mom is feeling so much better!
It's the Monday before Thanksgiving and all through the house . . . there isn't much coughing and I don't feel like a louse! Sorry, poetry isn't really my writing niche . . . but I couldn't resist!

I can't tell you how much differently I feel this Monday as opposed to last week when I wrote to you. I feel a million times better, and am enclosing a photo to prove that I'm up and kicking and finally feel like myself again! After just coming off such a terrible chest infection, the biggest thing I will be giving thanks for this Thanksgiving is good health! It's so easy to take that for granted until you get walloped with a terrible cough/cold like I just had.

Thanksgiving truly is my favorite holiday of the year. As my kids get older, they are really enjoying it as much as Brian and I do. We have a few traditions in our family that we carry out each Thanksgiving.

  1. Thanksgiving morning we get up early and have a breakfast of homemade pastry, hot chocolate and marshmallows.

  2. We attend Thanksgiving Day Mass at our Parish.

  3. We come home and I try to whip up some new creative pose for the Christmas Card Photo. (The kids are already groaning about this!) I always have a pitcher of mimosas made for this activity!

  4. We get all the Christmas decorations out of the attic. Can I be so bold as to admit we have about 30 or so tucker totes with decorations for inside and out? I even have each room and each set up (example, mantle, coffee tables etc.) labeled on the outside of each of those storage totes!

  5. Head to my in-laws' for a massive Thanksgiving dinner.

Of course, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be on in between photo taking and unpacking the attic. Annie will especially enjoy that this year. Being three is such a wonderfully cute age! Although I've experienced that 8 times over now, there is always something new to appreciate. And she's such a "girl's girl" that the holidays are going to be extra special this year, as she LOVES to dress up, try on make up, clomp all over the house in my shoes and make pretend with every doll, Barbie and princess item she can find! She, Brady, Brendan and Cameron are so excited about the parade and even my older kids are checking to make sure we'll be following tradition and taking out all the Christmas decorations.

The day after Thanksgiving, believe it or not, it's not me that goes out Christmas shopping at the crack of dawn, it's Brian and my oldest son, Connor-now 14! That still makes me laugh. The things they come home with are always a complete mystery-last year Brian saw those thick, fuzzy toe socks and just knew the girls and I would love a pair! It's very cute, though, to watch it all unfold. We figured Connor would have no interest by this year, but he told me that "Dad counts on me for this" so that is his excuse to keep this shopping tradition going. Besides that, they always go out for a huge lunch someplace . . . Connor's no fool!

I don't know about any of you but I enjoy baking of just about any kind. The weekend after Thanksgiving marks the official kick-off of the Butler Christmas Cookie-athon. From here on out, I will be making different cookies each week to freeze for cookie swaps, our own treats, a few for gifts, and to just nibble on during the week. I will attempt, once again, to make a gingerbread house from scratch, but last year's attempt was a complete disaster! Perhaps I need to stick to the kits they sell. I'll give that some more thought!

I hope this finds all of you ready to celebrate a wonderful Thanksgiving with your own family and friends and I hope your traditions, new and old, are helping to form great memories with your own children and grandchildren (right Ann?!).

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!!

Take care,
   ~ Cheryl

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