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Entry 13 ~ December 1, 2008
~ Let the Holiday Season Begin!

ChocowitsIt's December 1st! How could that be? I feel like it was just yesterday I put them all on the bus to go back to school for a new school year. For some reason, this Fall has really been much busier than any in the past-which blows my mind since I was sure I would be so much more organized and productive with Annie now in school for six hours a week.

Not the case, though. I've been working on a top-secret project with a friend of mine, and I'm now going to let it out of the bag with all of you. In addition to the love of my family, my writing and of course, all those volunteer jobs I have committed myself to, my neighbor and I have been working like crazy to launch a new small business. I think you'll like it, too as it revolves around two important necessities in life . . . CHOCOLATE AND HAVING A SENSE OF HUMOR. Here goes . . . Please have a sneak peak for yourself. We have decide that there are not enough laughs in this crazy world we live in so we brainstormed a product where you can find a joke in every chocolate of ours, and it's all theme based. For instance . . . one of our best sellers thus far is the pregnancy line. We call that theme, "Diaper Dootie" and it's all jokes related to being pregnant or for those who just had a baby! We have 13 themes right now . . . everything to "School Daze" for teachers to "Girl's Nite Out" and even "Battle of the Sexes." If you look online at our website, you'll be able to see and read for yourself.

What makes this all so interesting is not only was it fun to create, it nearly killed us! I mean that in the sense of time and energy . . . not literally! And how interesting it has been to see our families have to pull their share (and then some) so my friend, Sabina and I, could launch this business, which we did this past weekend at a big vendor fair in our town.

This is just the beginning, but we are so excited and exhausted and hopeful that people will think it's a unique idea. My kids have seen me pulling 16 hour days . . . and that's on top of our regular family commitments. It's been quite interesting and should even be more so as time moves along.

So, this past Thanksgiving we had much to be grateful for . . . health and each other being tops on the list. Secondly, I was so thankful just for the opportunity to pursue this experience, regardless of whether or not it will be a Fortune 500 company (girls can dream, right?). It's been so much fun and my partner, Sabina, is the best! We've had our moments, however, and thankfully have worked through them.

So, this week I spend a bit more time cleaning up the mess in my Dining Room. You can imagine I have eager helpers seeing that chocolate is involved!!! The Christmas decorations are scattered all over the house and I must organize that part of our life! That's the fun stuff, though! It's nice to have all of this to look forward to!

I hope all of you had wonderful Thanksgivings and enjoyed your family, friends, new babies and kids!! This is such a special time of year!!

Take care,
   ~ Cheryl

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