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Entry 18 ~ January 5, 2009
~ Happiness is . . . A Brand New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! 2009 is here and another fresh calendar of possibilities awaits us. Today, my kids all returned back to school! I have to be honest . . . this is the one vacation of the entire year that I hate to see end. I was actually feeling a bit sad when they all stepped out the door at various departure times, and on this Monday morning that is plastered with gray skies, and melting, dirty snow I am reminded that it is indeed a New Year, so no time to be blue . . . time to be motivated to make it a great one.

Making it a great one is going to begin with "undecorating" the entire house. Ughhh! I've yet to hit the treadmill this morning (promise I will do that as soon as this entry is done! Promise!) and after that is done, I will head up to the attic and start bringing the 30 some odd boxes down that I will need to repack all the ornaments, decorations, lights etc. Never as much fun as putting the stuff all up, now is it? Annie does not have nursery school today, so she will be my "big helper". I know the kids are hoping it's done by the time they get out of school, as no one has any interest in taking it all down and shlepping it all back up to the attic!

Nonetheless, January is still one of my favorite months of the year. I truly do love it because it seems to be the calmest month of the year, and I never feel any pressure to accomplish a zillion tasks-it's an unwinding time and this gal will take advantage of any unwinding she can get!

Annie's hair cutWe did manage to get a big job done this past weekend-haircuts. My talented husband gives all five of the boys their haircuts and even trims Annie's bangs! My daughters, Casey and Brittany stick to the salon, thank you very much. (And so do I!) I actually had my lovely locks of blonde freshened up this past Saturday at my salon-Rapunzel's! I see a fabulous guy named Stephen. I began seeing him when I was pregnant with Annie. I had seen the same hairdresser for 20 years prior to that, and I was starting to feel like things were a little too comfortable! She never did anything different, got very lazy with me and started cutting corners. I felt like someone was cheating on me! It took me nearly 6 months to get the courage, but I finally left her and went elsewhere-hence, the new salon and my knight in shining armor, Stephen! Now I get fussed over, pampered and have 2 1/2 solid hours to myself every six weeks. Does it cost a lot more? YES! But it is worth it!

Brian's hairdresser used to cut the boys' hair, but she thought he could save a lot of time and money by doing it himself so she gave him lessons (can you believe that?) and now he does a better job than any barber ever did on their hair. Plus, they can have trims any time of day or night! Our new barber is quite flexible! So Saturday, while I was drinking wine at the salon (Stephen pulls out all the stops!), Brian gave haircuts to the boys and trimmed Miss Annie's bangs. Now the New Year is officially under way with all the sheep shorn!

I have a very busy week on tap with my new Choc-o-Wits business. My business partner and I are meeting with our patent attorneys and our accountant to get our business and tax plans all set for the year. We are learning a lot, too! Sometimes we get treated like "the little ladies who surely don't know anything about business" (well, we don't, we're learning!) but we teach them very quickly that just because we have 11 kids between us and happen to have spent most of our recent years raising them, that doesn't mean we have nothing going on between our adorable little ears! Ha ha We have moved on from those people instantly (and they are out there everywhere, I'm afraid) and have found some wonderful people that respect us and love our idea. It's exhausting, but it's going to be well worth it.

Now I will truly go get on that treadmill, then get the boxes out of the attic, and then start dinner! I will have a hungry crew come 5 or 6 tonight after a first day back at school. And speaking of hungry-two of my little ones got Webkins for Christmas this year! We've never had them before, and I now feel like I have 10 kids, not 8! They need to be fed, walked, played with and loved every day, or they lose points and then you feel a lot of horrible guilt set in. Well, we forgot all about them this weekend, and as my Kindergartener, Brady, was getting on the bus this morning, he had to stop, get off and ask me to please feed and walk Wallie this morning! Oh brother!

On that note, I hope all of you enjoyed a peaceful and festive New Year's celebration and that your new year holds wonderful possibilities for you and your families as well. We never did make our gingerbread house this Christmas, so I'm going to get the pieces baked today and surprise them after school with a house just waiting to be decorated. Since ours will be "undecorated" maybe this will help!


Take care,
   ~ Cheryl

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