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Entry 21 ~ January 26, 2009
~ Falling Off the Exercise Wagon

Happy new week everyone! We've been having record-breaking icy temperatures here in Rhode Island and more snow is expected mid week. You would know that last year I got rid of my snow boots because they had seen better days and never bothered to replace them thinking this winter would be mild like the last two we've had. That should've been the warning that Old Man Winter would be making himself at home this year! Now that it's the end of January, I hate to go out and buy some. I can hold out and make it through till April, right?

As this new week faces me, I am sitting and staring at a very full calendar of appointments for the kids, school obligations, church meetings, writing deadlines and a few social outings here and there and the one date that keeps staring me back in the face is my 6-month check up with my regular doctor on February 7th. Since I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes two year's ago, I have to have blood work and a routine check up every six months. Usually, I look forward to these appointments because I feel like it's my treat to myself to make sure I'm staying on track with my blood sugars, my weight and my cholesterol. For me, this means exercising six times a week! No exceptions.

Guess what? I've been a very bad girl! Very bad, in fact! Ever since my Chocowits™ business launched before the holidays, I think I've only walked or been on the weight machines about 5 times! That is really not good in my situation. Oddly enough, I've gained no weight, but I don't feel as healthy as I had when I was walking 5 miles a day and weight training 3 times a week! Now I must walk into that doctor's appointment in two weeks with my tail between my legs! Oh my! This is a good wake up call and I'm glad I looked at my calendar this past weekend, because it is a warning to me to get "back on the exercise wagon" AND FAST!!

Excuses are so easy, aren't they? And not to blow my own horn, but having eight kids I feel entitles me to a few excuses here and there! (My sugar readings could care less about that one!) But excuses won't keep me healthy, so instead I am going to have to start fresh tomorrow by making CHOICES that will allow me to remain healthy-for myself and my family.

That said, I must get a bit more discipline and hit the treadmill upon waking up, not after the kids go to bed. (Besides, that's when I have my glass of wine!) So easy to say, much harder to do-but if I want to continue at the pace I'm going right now-I really have no choice but to take better care of myself.

I do have a trick that has served me well over the past 10 years or so (thanks to my husband-the most optimistic individual I've ever known!) and that trick is to just close my eyes and visualize things the way I want them to be. Call me crazy, but it works for some reason! I think it's partly due to the fact that with such a large family and hectic schedule that we all keep, the only few moments of sanity I get sometimes is to close my eyes and slip away into a completely different world. This is how I recharge my batteries. I can close my eyes and imagine getting something done, or seeing myself feeling better especially if I'm a bit under the weather or harried like I've been since I started this new business. Tonight I am definitely going to go find a closet someplace and hide in it . . . close my eyes . . . think about exercising all week long, and then open my eyes and believe that it will happen. How's that for being "out there" ha ha. Whatever the case, its how I "cope" so I will stick with what I know works.

Now, until that time later this evening arrives, I still have dinner to make, homework to oversee and laundry to get to that I didn't bother with this morning because I chose grocery shopping instead! Choices! Ha ha But at least I will have my few moments alone to look forward to and until that time-my wine awaits!

I hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy as winter moves along, and above all, I hope you're having fun with your kids and families. We have become addicted to a game my son got for Christmas this year-Mad Gab. Austin is our 4th child-now 12 years old and has it "all going on". He also happens to be the Mad Gab champ in the house. I want you to know I have thought once or twice about grabbing the cards to the game when everyone is at school so I could have a peak at them-but rest assured that I only entertained that thought for a wee second! I would never cheat no matter how poorly I play the silly game! Really! Honestly! I wouldn't!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Take care,
   ~ Cheryl

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