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Entry 22 ~ February 2, 2009
~ Decisions, Decisions!

Happy Groundhog's Day! I haven't heard yet as to whether or not "Phil" the famous groundhog in Pennsylvania has seen his shadow or not but today in Rhode Island it is in the balmy high 40's and I have turned the heat off and have several windows opened and am loving every second of it! It smells and sounds like spring outside today! Sadly, this is just a brief tease, as Old Man Winter will return later tonight with some snow showers and more freezing temperatures. Oh well. I'm going to enjoy it while we've got it.

My exercise routine has slowly been returning, little by little each day. I am still not pleased with myself for having neglected something as important as my own health, so I hope I will never have to write a journal entry like last week's ever again!

AustinWe did have some very exciting news in the Butler family this weekend, and it does involve exercise-well, sort of! My 12-year old son, Austin, a 6th grade student, tried out for our state baseball team and made it! This was a thrill beyond words for him, not to mention how proud Brian and I were. Brian won a full scholarship to college for being a pitcher in baseball as well as a soccer scholarship, so let's just say the kid's athletic genes don't come from Mom! In any case, this is a very competitive team and to even be asked to try out is an honor, never mind make it! While that is all very exciting, however, now we are faced with some hard decisions before we can say "yes" or "no".

For starters, it costs $2000 to be on the team! Yikes! And then, it's a 9-month a year commitment with practices every Sunday morning at 8 AM . . . the exact time we go to Mass as a family each and every week, not to mention a game schedule that has left me dizzy just looking at it. Austin is our 4th child and is wise well beyond his years. I love all my children dearly, but Austin was born with many "social" gifts that most kids, especially boys, his age don't have until they're about 40!!! That said, he realizes that this would be a very big commitment for the entire family and he has already said he will not be disappointed (not terribly anyway!) if we decide "no". He said he's just excited that he actually made it! Oh-decisions, decisions! I will keep you all posted!

Speaking of baseball, we just registered 6 of our 8 kids for the spring Little League season this past weekend. I get short of breath and my chest tightens when anyone so much mentions the words "Little League"! Why, you ask? Because when 6 kids play, that means a 7-day a week obligation of practices, games and worse---parents have a mandatory volunteer time in the concession stand each season . . . 2 times per year, but with us, that's per kid! So, I spend half my spring in the Snack Shack schlepping hot dogs and popcorn, all while I pay a babysitter to watch the younger kids so I can fulfill my parental duties! Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't mind doing my share, but with Brian coaching two of the teams, you would think that would get me out of at least half of those stints! Forget it! Ha ha! At least I have two more months before my tour of duty begins.

Since the weather is so beautiful today, I think I am going to go crazy with my mop and dust rags and see if I can persuade the dust bunnies that have become so comfortable around here all winter long to vacate the premises and make room for the late winter dust residents to arrive!

I hope you are all enjoying a mild day yourselves and let's hope that Ground Hog does his job well this year!

Take care everyone!
   ~ Cheryl

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