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Entry 24 ~ February 21, 2009
~ February Vacation--Over in a Quick Blink!

Brady and Annie
Annie and Brady!
I can hardly believe I'm actually writing this, but the February School Vacation that the kids had off last week has come and gone-all without incident! Here I was-all prepared to be fielding their non-stop questions about "What Are We Doing Today, Mom?" and I think I only heard it once! And that was from Annie. My darling little three-year old realized that with the other kids home, the gallivanting she and I do all over town when the rest of the gang is in school was not happening. She wasn't pleased about it either.

We had mild weather all week long, so that really helped. They were outside building forts (mud forts-ughh!), riding bikes, scootering and playing basketball. One of the reasons the week went by so fast is due to the many gift cards we stuffed in their stockings this past Christmas. We were able to use them for all kinds of treats-lunches out, ice cream sundaes, donuts, the movies! I have my husband to thank for those . . . it was his idea to "give an experience" this Christmas, not just gifts! Brilliant! We will definitely be doing that again next Christmas.

One evening we all went over to Newport for dinner at our local Chili's restaurant. The kids love it there. No sooner was I sipping my chilled glass of Chardonnay, Annie announces in a booming voice that her butt was itchy! Classy gal, huh? Naturally all the people seated around us got a real kick out of it, but yours truly wasn't laughing as hard as they all were. We made our exit to the Ladies Room and I asked her what the problem was. "Mommy, these tights I'm wearing are itchy. Can I please take them off?" Pheww! I thought it was another "itchy" situation. This was music to my ears.

Needless to say, the tights came off, and I almost felt the need to explain to all the tables around us, but I decided it just wasn't worth it. (Instead, I waved the tights around so people might get the drift!) ha ha

I am also pleased to announce that I invested a full 9-hours into cleaning and organizing on the first day of vacation, and I finally got my January chores under control! The children stayed right out of my way, too. They certainly wanted no part of all that purging and sorting and chucking and scrubbing, so they let me at it and by the end of the day, they had a very tired, but happy mother because the house was finally back in shape after the holidays. Better late than never, right?

February is almost over and the long, cold, gray month of March is soon arriving. That means spring is coming, too, so I will not complain. Winter sure isn't over yet, but the worst is hopefully behind us. Hope all of you are enjoying the tail end of the shortest month and are excited about all the beautiful green leaves and pretty flowers that will soon be greeting us again. And look out for those wool tights!!

Take care,
   ~ Cheryl

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