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Entry 25 ~ March 1, 2009
~ Time for New Undies

I've just had the sad duty of cleaning out my own dresser and closet. Let's just say it wasn't pretty! I tackled all the kids' closets and drawers during their February vacation break two weeks ago and when I was done, I felt like performing on a large Broadway stage. Nothing feels better than to have all the stained, tattered and out-grown clothing pulled from the closets so that there will be no embarrassing moments such as going to church and having one of them take off their winter coat only to reveal a spaghetti stain that I wasn't able to remove very well.

That, however, was their eight closets and bureaus. Brian's closet is always pristine. Perhaps because he's in the corporate world and has to look polished and dapper, he never seems to have anything old, gray or stretched out in his wardrobe. He leaves the house each day with a pressed shirt and crisp suit, and always has matching socks. Oh, and yes . . . his jockey shorts are always bleached white so if he's ever in an accident, God forbid, he won't have to be embarrassed about what they might find hiding under those catalogue suits of his.

Me, on the other hand-most of my socks have holes in the heels, and if I should ever get caught in an unexpected situation where my pants or shirt must be removed quickly-it ain't gonna be pretty! The undergarments I wear most days don't even resemble real undies-they look more like gray dish rags that have been sitting in an old cupboard for at least 15 years. And bras are no different I'm afraid. If there really is such thing as a Wonder Bra out there in stores, I'd love to know what it looks like and better yet, what it feels like to wear one! After having all these kids, my bras are no longer doing their job very well-I seem to recall that my breasts should be up above my belly button, right?

So, as I prepare to get my annual mammogram next week, I have decided that it's high time that Mom cleans out her closets and drawers too. And that's exactly what I did on this gray Saturday-the last day of February 2009. Would you like to know how long it took me? About 30 minutes, if that! Why, you ask? Because sadly, there really wasn't that much there to clean out. Except, of course, for the poor excuse of a lingerie drawer that I have. That took the most time, as it was chock full of underwear I've had since the 90s! Not any more! I am now cleaned out down to the bare bones, and next week I will be doing a little shopping to replenish all those items. I'm not sure if this will be fun or god-awful, but I'll let you know how I make out regardless!

We are expecting a big snow storm Sunday evening, so I'm already thinking ahead that there will be no school on Monday. This has been the strangest new school year. I think it's only because I was so darn excited I'd have 6 hours to myself starting last September that I surely must have jinxed the atmosphere or something. We've had maybe two normal weeks since Labor Day, and by the time we all blink-it will be June and they'll be out again for nearly three months of sun and fun. At least I'll be ready with all new undies and bras! There will be no stopping me then!

Have a great new week everyone!

Take care,
   ~ Cheryl

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