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Entry 26 ~ March 9, 2009
~ We Finally Got Sick This Winter!

I guess it just couldn't be avoided! The flu has finally hit the Butler household and it sure ain't pretty! On this very gray, rainy Monday morning, five of the eight are home sick! This is definitely not one of those quick, 24-hour viruses either. It all started with a headache, then a high fever that is lasting for over 5 days, a bit of vomiting (what fun would it be without that!?) and now, terrible chest colds. This has been going on for nearly two weeks now. My oldest daughter succumbed this morning, so she's down for the count for the next week I'm sure.

It's times like these that I have to remind myself that "This Too Shall Pass" and just keep the motrin and popsicles flowing! If nothing else, I know I will really appreciate our good health and the normalcy of our busy days once they resume again. As long as I can avoid getting it-it's all good!

When things like this happen, for whatever reason, it seems other things go wrong as well. My biggest headache at the moment (besides running a sick ward for eight) is that my brand new digital camera is missing in action! I have looked everywhere for it and it is just not turning up. (So, in case you're wondering why I haven't included any new photos the past few weeks-that's why!)

I specifically remember putting it in my computer cabinet, where I always place it after I download pictures, but when I went to get it a few days later-it was gone! I didn't panic at first-I simply started checking all other locations it could've mysteriously gone to-but no go! I then asked around (not expecting that anyone would own up to possibly borrowing it and not returning it-but I figured it didn't hurt to inquire) and of course, no one (that person "no one" is always very popular in this house!) knew anything about it.

At this point, I continue to search and say prayers to the patron Saint of Lost and Found-St. Anthony! My biggest fear, however, is that Annie got her hands on it and stashed it someplace or worse, threw it out! She has a little habit of doing that!

Please add a quick thought to the "lost and found" gods for me, won't you? In a perfect world, I'm visualizing that tomorrow morning, all eight of my children wake up healthy, I've lost 10 lbs in my sleep, the Merry Maid Elf arrived at midnight to do a super cleaning while we were all in bed, and then---I go to the computer cabinet and there it is-my brand new camera, just where I left it!

As I love to say . . . "A girl can dream, right?" ha ha

Stay healthy everyone and enjoy the week! With the Daylight Savings Time now in play, it will take some adjusting getting up in the morning to the darkness, but the afternoons will be light and bright!

Take care,
   ~ Cheryl

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