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Entry 27 ~ March 23, 2009
~ Spring has Sprung, and so has Strep Throat!

Annie and her Spring lips
Annie & her Spring lips!
Hi Everyone,

I missed you all last week, but we were hit quite hard with an unexpected bout of strep throat. Four of the eight children succumbed to it, all a day apart. We haven't had strep in a couple of years so I forgot how lousy it is!

The good news, however, is that today everyone who is in school is back to school . . . loaded on antibiotics but feeling well enough to resume to a normal schedule (which I would pay dearly for at this point!). Now that Spring has sprung, I'm hoping the winter germs will flee our humble home and stay away for quite a while.

Baseball season has officially begun and we are already inundated with practice after practice. My oldest son made the school baseball team last week so he is now playing for three teams. Annie is a trooper and is a full-time passenger in mom's shuttle service back and forth to school and the various fields. I know that this will take its toll on me eventually, but I remind myself that one day, they'll all be out of the house, living on their own . . . and I'll be painfully remembering those crazy Little League days. So with that, I drive around and try to keep it all in perspective. (Sounds good, doesn't it?)

Since we last spoke, I do have some rather exciting news to share. I found my camera! The one that went missing about three weeks ago mysteriously from the cabinet that I always place it in. This past weekend, I opened the cabinet, and all of a sudden, there it was! Back where I thought I had left it. Hmmmmm, wonder how that could be! There was no evidence left behind. No finger prints, not even any photos left on the card! Not sure who took it, but it's back and that's what I'm happy about. As I'm sure you've already guessed . . . no one had a clue about it's magical return!

Right now our school system is in the throws of our big auction that we hold every three years to benefit our three schools. Our goal is to raise $65,000. Yours truly is in charge of designing the auction brochure so that is what my focus is at present. The new newspaper club that I am the adviser for in the Pier Middle School is going strong as well. We have 17 students and they are all great kids. I am really enjoying it, though boy, is it ever a commitment. Our press date is May 18th so I'm hoping all goes well between now and then.

Other than that, it's business as usual--laundry, cooking, vacuuming, driving 8 kids around, trying to see my husband from time to time, writing, the Giggle Bites Chocolate business and my vengeance to lose 15 lbs by summer. The usual! Ha ha

I hope all of you and your families are nice and healthy and have kicked off Spring by doing something fun. I hear there is still snow in many places, so we must all hang in there knowing that "this too shall pass" and Spring does have to really come sooner or later!

Take care and talk with you next week,
   ~ Cheryl

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