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Entry 28 ~ April 1, 2009
~ Strep Throat Go Away & Never Come Back Another Day!!

Hello Everyone,

Your peppy mother of eight has had it! Not with my adoring children, but with their adoring germs! We're on round two of strep throat and this time my husband succumbed to it. Poor, poor man! You know how husbands are when they are ill!! I am just hoping and praying that the spring weather (that still hasn't hit Rhode Island) will wipe the germs clear out of New England and we will have a very healthy summer.

There truly is no time for illness at this point, as baseball season is already in full swing! (No pun intended! Ha ha) Annie and I travel back and forth to drop and pick up the kids at their various practices. Thank goodness she is such a good sport! This is truly my busiest time of year . . . lots of driving around and never home much. I wish you could see the state of the house! (Then again, no . . . I don't really want anyone to see the state of this place!!) I know exactly why there is a term "spring cleaning" for busy mothers like myself who rely on that kind of shameful reminder that it must be attended to . . . eventually. Oh well, a little dust never hurt anyone, right?

Other than strep throat and a dirty house, all else is well! We are gearing up for Easter with our Giggle Bites Chocolates and have created a new product line called "Giggle Tubes." We are very excited (doesn't take too much to excite the two Giggle Bite Moms!)

Annie is in high heel heaven at the moment. She discovered that our local drugstore carried plastic high heels in the "cheesy toy" aisle and now owns them in fluorescent green and also a pair in hot pink! She's one "hot mama"! Having had so many boys ahead of her, and my other two daughters being teens now, I'd nearly forgotten how outrageously adorable all the "girly girl" stuff can be! I'm enjoying every second of it.

Presently, I'm working on an outline for a speech I'm giving at The University of Rhode Island this Thursday. A professor who reads my column, The Family Zone, asked me to be a guest speaker at her Child Development class. Public speaking!!! Is there anything more frightening? Ha ha So . . . that is on my agenda this evening . . . preparing for it!

Brian is traveling for work so I will have a very late, quiet and hopefully productive evening getting ready for my speaking debut. If nothing else, I will try to make sure I have something clean to wear. Laundry is a bit behind these days thanks to baseball as well!

I hope everyone's Springs have sprung nicely and that warmer weather is greeting you than in week's past!

Take care and talk to you next week!
   ~ Cheryl

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