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Entry 30 ~ April 28, 2009
~ Six First Communions Down-Two To Go!

Summer seems to be here in New England. It is going to be 95 degrees today and as a reward for such balmy weather, later today we will be sitting at two of our children's baseball games, without any shade and at fields where there are no bathrooms. I can hardly wait.

The mere mention of the word baseball sends my body into a complete tizzy. With six kids playing on different teams, I have forgotten what the inside of my house looks like. My car is like my new home from now until July. It takes me from one field to another and is loaded with snacks, drinks, chairs and extra outfits for the little ones who I am dragging around with me. You've gotta love Little League season. I truly have no other choice. I go day by day, instead of week by week at this point. If I looked too far ahead on my calendar, I would probably sit down and cry. Since I have no time for that, I just take it one day at a time--so far, so good.

As soon as Little League season goes into full swing, life for this mother changes dramatically. My friends have wondered what has happened to me, especially those that I e-mail with all the time. Not much time to be on the computer when I am watching games or dropping off at practices. I'm almost certain I had computer withdrawals last week. I had to literally break myself of the habit of walking over to my laptop because I knew if I just clicked on one single icon, I'd get roped into the excitement of reading all my e-mails, and worse . . . would want to sit down and type! The writer in me always has great difficulty during baseball season. When not in the car at all these many games, I am in the laundry room playing catch up. My four loads a day has been increased with all the uniforms in the mix. I constantly ask myself if there is a better way to get around all this extra laundry, but the only thing I've come up with is to shove some of it in garbage bags and sneak it out to the trash. Great short- term solution, not a very feasible one though if I don't want to spend several hundred dollars a month on new clothing for everyone. So, I just thank my lucky stars that my washer and dryer are working like a charm and that at least I can get the stuff washed and dried almost painlessly. (That's the spirit, Cheryl!)

Brendan's first communicationWe did have a big celebration in the Butler household this past weekend. Our sixth child, Brendan, made his First Communion. Six down, two to go. I have taught First Communion at our church for the past ten years, so this is always a special event for me personally. We had a beautiful day of gorgeous sunshine and Brendan was very excited about his special day. I was very excited myself until I just downloaded the photos from this weekend and saw MYSELF in some of them! I'm sorry my friends, but I cannot even bare to share them with you. I've been part of a weight loss program with a bunch of moms from our school for the past six weeks. I thought I was such "hot stuff" until I saw those photos. Obviously, my work here is not done! Despite dropping nearly two sizes, my round pumpkin shaped face does not seem to want to join the rest of my body in shedding the pounds. I may need to seek out some exercises for my double chin . . . either that, or invest in skin-toned duct tape to use for the summer. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

If nothing else, it motivated me to keep up the exercising and hopefully, my jowls will soon catch up to my waistline.

In between baseball and trying to keep my head above dirty towels, I am trying to finish up designing the brochure for our school auction that is scheduled for the end of May. That and the launch of the new school newspaper that I am helping out with have kept me hopping. (The hopping should help with the weight loss, right?)

So, that is what is new with Cheryl. Our Giggle Bites chocolate business is doing pretty well. We did the favors for a rather large wedding two weeks ago and are now concentrating on Mother's Day. It's been a real learning process but we are still having fun and look forward to all the new things we have brewing for next fall and the holiday season.

We won't rush that, however. For now I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful spring and that your April showers will definitely bring lots of beautiful May flowers!

Be well everyone. Enjoy the warmer weather!

Take care,
~ Cheryl

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