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Entry 32 ~ June 17, 2009
~ Chaperoning 8th Graders to NYC--A Refreshing Blast!

Father's Day weekend is here! The kids and I have been racking our brains for something clever to give Brian this year. We've done gifts like hammocks, massaging chairs, golf outings, talking scrapbooks . . . you name it. This year, however, we don't seem to have any creative juices flowing. I think the entire family is just burnt out from a very, very long Little League season. Brian coaches one of our son's teams, so he's so ready for it to be over now too.

The school year is winding down. My kids get out late this year . . . June 26th. We had a delayed start with our buildings not being ready due to some reconstruction projects and then we had a very snowy winter. We go back to school before Labor Day this year too which hasn't happened in 5 years . . . so it is going to seem like a very quick summer.

Last week, on Wednesday I chaperoned my 8th grader's field trip to New York City! Connor actually asked me to go back in September. You never know with this age group-most of them don't want their mothers around on a field trip, especially the boys. I did the same trip for my older daughter two years ago. I'll tell you what-I had a blast this time! I had fun with my daughter and her friends, but chaperoning a group of goofy 14 - 15-year old boys is really more fun than one woman should be allowed to have. They don't take themselves seriouslyand therefore they roll with things so much better than the girls do. We had such a great time. I hated for the day to be over. My son even thanked me at the end of the night for going with them. His friends all said thanks too! I was so impressed with these kids. Teens often get such a bad wrap it seems, but this group of 50 kids were fantastic.

As I write this I have a terrible sinus infection. I think my body just knew that all of my school commitments were finally over as of last Friday. Our auction was a huge success netting over $60,000. It was exhausting work but well worth it. And with Little League nearly every night for our family plus the school newspaper that we launched at the Jr. High School (we distributed it this morning!)-this mother is ready for a break and some good old summer fun!

I hope all of the fathers in your life have a well-rested and fun-filled family day this coming Sunday! If they aren't here for some reason to celebrate with everyone in your family, I hope they are remembered with lots of love.

Take care and I'll chat with you all next week,
~ Cheryl

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