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Entry 35 ~ July 30, 2009
~ The Summer of no Hot Water!!

Hello friends! I've missed you all and hope you don't think I'm too busy to keep in touch. It's just that I've been a little pre-occupied with a few happenings in this very "dull" life of mine.

Where shall we start? How about the first month of summer vacation . . . that seems good to me. My kids got out of school very late this year--June 26th, I believe. At that time, not only did I acquire all eight of my children seven days a week once again, I also acquired a washing machine that was on the fritz not to mention our new hot water gas tank that all of a sudden decided it didn't need to furnish anything but cold water.

Are you with me so far? Oh . . . good!

Now, these things don't faze me much, after all, I do have eight kids and it takes an awful lot to damper my spirits and bring me down. This, however folks, could be it. Not only did I go without my washer machine for nearly three weeks right off the get go of summer vacation, my husband has been traveling quite a bit, so I'm on my own most of the time lately. The one thing that can always get me through the toughest of days is soaking in a hot, steamy bath! Oh, it's just heaven for me. Well . . . my getaway to heaven has been put on hold (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!) because just two days after the washer machine went, the hot water tank froze on us! Peachy!

I know these things generally take at least a week to fix so with that in mind, I didn't panic too quickly. Unfortunately, this time it wasn't a week. The washer took three LONG weeks to fix and the hot water tank is STILL NOT WORKING. We are going on over five weeks of no hot water and I'm not sure why I'm still sane.

You see, in the middle of all of this, I was training for my first 10-mile race! The race was on Friday, July 24th. You can either run it or power walk it. I've always been a runner, but the last 5 years or so I really started enjoying power walking. It's much easier on your knees, and if you don't mind my saying, so when you have boobs, well, walking is far easier on "the girls" versus running! So, I trained for the past three months and the only two hopes I had was to cross the finish line on two legs and not on all fours in less than 2.5 hours . . . and . . . to soak in my Jacuzzi the night after the race with a bottle of Chardonnay!

Ok, so the first goal was met! I finished 74th out of 716 walkers and did it in two hours 11 minutes. And, the gas guy was here working on the tank when I shuffled through the front door the night after the race. I could smell those bubbles when I crossed the finish line! Not so fast, Cheryl! After five weeks of troubleshooting with the makers of the hot water tank (only four years old mind you!) no one can figure out why it isn't working properly. Now, being a woman and a mother, I suggested we just can the old tank and get a new one. Forget it! The gas tank people are not as eager to go that route . . . despite the very long wait we've had with no hot water.

Now here we are, nearly six weeks later, and Gary the gas man has just left again, with yet no luck on the new part he just tried. I am trying to remain positive and grateful that it's only a hot water tank and not somebody's health we are dealing with. Still though, it's starting to wear on me just a tad.

With eight kids, however, and four of them teenagers, we are saving a small fortune on hot water so there is a silver lining for our pocketbook!

I must now go get ready for my son's sleepover later today. Having 5 15-year old teenaged boys staying over will make me get up tomorrow morning and count my lucky stars that sleepovers are only temporary and by tomorrow morning-a cold shower will probably feel great!

Hope all of you are enjoying a very cool and relaxing summer yourselves! Perhaps by Fall my camera will be back from the repair people too. It's only a year old and the shutter is stuck open. They sent it out four weeks ago . . . probably to China!

Happy summer to all of you!!!

Take care,
~ Cheryl

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