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Entry 37 ~ September 7, 2009
~ Back to School

Annie wishes she could go back to schoolEveryone is talking about it this summer . . . the weather! This was not a typical sun-filled summer for most parts of the country. Here in Rhode Island we had rain and mist for most of June and well into July. It never really got good and hot except for a few days in late August. And here we sit on Labor Day weekend with temps in the 60s and some easy, breezy sunshine!

My gang went back to school last week--first time in years that our school district started up before Labor Day. You probably heard the moans and groans in your neck of the woods when my kids had to get ready for their first day last Tuesday. I cannot tell a lie either I was quite ready for school to start up again! (I say this lovingly, of course!) We have about 10 weeks off and by week 7, I'm more than ready to see that glorious yellow school bus enter our neighborhood again! Of course, the morning after the last bus left last week I sat down with tears in my eyes and missed them like crazy, but thankfully for me, my 3-year-old is still home and she kept me hopping all day long-so there was no time for being nostalgic and feeling bittersweet. She had more energy than the other seven kids put together that day. Lucky me!

Back to SchoolNow that we've got one week under our belts, the fall routine is definitely up and running. Sport practices, getting to bed earlier and mastering all that homework in a timely fashion! I am the "English / Social Studies" parent and my husband is in charge of "Math / Science"! What a deal! So far, so good-not too much homework and everyone is happy with their teachers and class schedules. We have two in the high school, two in the Junior High and three in the elementary school. Annie will start her second year of Nursery School next week, when I am away!

You heard me right! Mama is going to Denver-alone! I am going to visit one of my dearest friends, Amy, who lives in Colorado. This is a friendship of fate. I met Amy in the NICU the day after we adopted our daughter, Brittany. She had triplets the following day and I got to watch them get whisked into the NICU and get weighed and bathed-it was a miracle and I'll never forget it. Not only did I finally become a mother after 6 years of infertility, I met one of my best friends in the entire world. Never would've met her if we hadn't adopted our daughter. God works in mysterious ways!

So, this here gal is off to beautiful Colorado for a getaway and my very capable husband will man the fort while I'm gone for nearly a week!

Stay tuned--I'll let you know how it all goes when I return.

Happy Back to School for all of you with school-aged kids!

Take care and enjoy the beginning of Fall!
    ~ Cheryl

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