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Entry 42 ~ December 21, 2009
~ Ready or Not the Holidays are Here!!!

Hello all my StorkNet friends! Happy Holidays! I hope this finds you all well, healthy and not losing your minds as we get closer and closer to Christmas. Just remember, if you do lose it, we're all too busy to help find it! Ha ha

This weekend, Rhode Island got hit with a fabulous blizzard. Here in the Ocean State, we don't get snow that often even though we live in New England. Being so close to the ocean has many advantages and getting little snow is one of them . . . though my eight children would never agree with that.

Today, however, they benefited from a bonus day--a day off from school due to the blizzard that hit late Saturday night. Now, being that today is December 21, I am not embracing this bonus day as eagerly as they are. When you're Santa's Little Helper, you depend on every waking moment the kids are in school to pull off a winter wonderland of Christmas magic. This year, for some reason I'm finding more and more people that are scrambling at the last-minute and sadly, who have much less Christmas spirit than years past. I think our stinking economy has a great deal to do with this, which is really such a shame. We shouldn't need "stuff" and "material bought items" to make the holidays special and magical. It truly is the "feeling that people have of appreciation for friends, family and good health" as well as enjoying the "simple things of the season" such as a good cup of hot cocoa, watching a child's eyes light up when they see all the shimmering Christmas decorations being put up in their own homes as well as around town, and of course listening to the festive tunes cranking on the radio stations. (Yours truly has been listening non-stop since early November! And proud of it, too!)

I for one am hoping that this lousy economy brings us all back to the basics of life. I am guilty as charged for getting all caught up in the "shopping til you drop" syndrome that has plagued our country for the past 20 years. What did that get all of us? Lots of debt and tired feet, that's what! Ha ha Some days I find myself just staring out the kitchen window and asking myself, "Surely there is more to life than the "go go go" that we all seem to be caught up in. Where did the simplicity of silly things like receiving a letter in the mail from a friend or loving how your hair looks when you turn 45 go? "

As this very full year of 2009 is ready to rush out the door as quickly as it came in last January, I am sitting down with me, myself and I and developing a much simpler philosophy to live by with appreciation for family, friends and good health right at the very top of the list!

You're talking to a gal who just spent two months purging and cleaning every square inch of her humble home . . . and that experience has left me realizing how time-consuming "stuff" can be---and how it truly does limit the "free" experiences that are just ready for the taking if we are ready to change gears.

I wish all of you and your wonderful families a very peaceful and humor-filled holiday season! I can't begin to imagine a day without laughter . . . that's the best gift we can give to one another!

Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy, Humor-filled New Year!!!

Take care,
    ~ Cheryl

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