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Entry 43 ~ January 18, 2010
~ My Neatest Christmas Gift for 2009--I'm an Author!

Happy New Year everyone! The holiday season may be over, but a brand new fresh year is just beginning--and that is very exciting. Our family had an awesome Christmas this year, though it was much more low-key than in years past. For one thing, I usually go overboard with decorations, baking and all the hoopla that comes with Christmas, and this year I just didn't have the extra time or energy to go the extra mile with the "incidentals" so I stayed true to my promise that we would still have a magical and joyous season but without the pressure of material this and that to mark the occasion.

Here's the funny thing-my kids didn't even seem to notice. They didn't notice that instead of 10 boxes of decorations I only put up 5! Instead of baking 12 dozen different cookies we stuck to maybe 4! And because the four older kids wanted big-ticket electronic items, I stuck to my financial guns and purchased the biggies that they wanted and did not give in to the guilt that I needed to buy a slew of little things to fill in with so that they would have lots to open! Talk about a time and money . . . and STRESS saver! It was a grand thing to be completely ready for Christmas a week in advance and be able to sit back and savor moments like just enjoying the pretty tree with a glass of wine or watch those classic Christmas shows like "Frosty the Snowman" with the little kids and not be stressed because I should've been wrapping gifts or stringing up extra lights. Very refreshing!

Believe it or not, January is one of my two favorite months of the year! Crazy, isn't it? I love it because it's the one month that we are not rushing around to sports activities or preparing for any big holiday etc. We can just lay low and get revamped for the year ahead. I think I always do my best thinking in January (or so I tell myself!).

Pregnant Women Don't Eat CabbageThis December something very, very exciting happened to me. I became an author! My very first book was published, "Pregnant Women Don't Eat Cabbage" and it will officially be released by the publisher on February 25th.

I can't begin to explain the feelings I had when I opened the package from the publisher and looked at my book for the very first time! I was speechless. My eight children, however, were not, and they caused so much hootin' and hollerin' that I couldn't even think straight! It took me a couple of days to really appreciate what I had done.

This book took me nearly three years to write, but in truth that was due to my time constraints more than anything else. It's a whimsical look at the journey of pregnancy-from trying to conceive (I was an infertility champion) through the nine plus months of being pregnant to that surreal moment in the delivery room right on through to those first sleepless nights at home with a newborn. There is nothing "medical" about this book-it is a heartfelt and witty look at what women (and their spouses) go through when expecting. My only hope for the book (besides getting on Oprah-ha ha ha) is that women who are pregnant or who have already had a baby can read it, chuckle along the way, and remember their own special journey of being pregnant. And if they hated being pregnant, then hopefully they can still have a few good belly laughs and just be in awe of what they created at the end of their nine months!

So with the holidays come and gone, I'd say my new title as author was probably the neatest gift I got this year--and it's a gift I'll have forever and ever. I loved being pregnant, and this book will be a reminder to me of all that I experienced (good and bad) during each of my seven pregnancies.

Happy, healthy and fun-filled New Year to all of you! I hope your holidays were special and that you embark on 2010 to discover some neat gifts of your own!

Take care,
    ~ Cheryl

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