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Entry 45 ~ March 30, 2010
~ Under Water!

Flood of 2010Glub, Glub, Glub . . . in other words . . . greetings from a very soggy Rhode Island!

Spring has sprung here in the Northeast, and in addition, so has a lot of water. The past three weeks has brought our region more rain and higher water tables than ever before. Ask yours truly, as I type this, my two older sons are siphoning over six inches of water out of our family room! Last week, we had six inches as well, resulting in our total family room being destroyed. It was recently redecorated with thousands of dollars of new wall-to-wall carpet, spiffy new furniture, brand new wainscoting, fresh paint, artwork . . . you name it. Oh well; it's only stuff. We ripped out all the carpet last week, so this morning, our flood takes place on bare cement. So much prettier! smile

Our kids have no school today because Rhode Island was just declared a state of emergency due to all the flooding. They, of course, are thrilled! So am I to tell you the truth? I've got more help bailing out! My husband, naturally, is away on business. I called him this morning as I stood in our brand new master bathroom, water up to my calf, and told him it might be a good idea for him to cut his trip short. "Is it really that bad?" he replied. I thought it would be best if I hung up quickly; the reply I had in mind was not very ladylike and my children were in the next room, so I think it was a wise decision!

Throughout all of this excitement, we are the lucky recipients of a few more challenges. My husband actually left yesterday with strep throat and two of my children have severe pink eye and another, the stomach bug. On top of that, my two high school sons are on two different school baseball teams and play in a recreational league as well. This makes for lots of fun carting them from field to field--usually during the dinner hour. My oldest daughter, 17, has her driver's permit and you can bet your life I am praying to the Registry of Motor Vehicle Gods that she passes her driver's test in a few weeks so she can help me with the driving.

Flood of 2010Other than that, we are all well, thank you very much! I continue to be the Adviser of our Middle School newspaper, a job that I still love doing even though the time commitment is quite involved. I started doing a little something for myself right before the holidays--taking kickboxing lessons. This is something I absolutely cannot live without--now that's saying something. If only I could lose the extra 30 lbs I seemed to let sneak on me over the past few years. Perhaps the warmer weather and my daily 5-mile walks will help in this department. It's the "calorie in versus calorie out" situation that needs a bit of attention. Isn't life cruel sometimes? smile

Lastly, I am still very excited about the release of my book in February, Pregnant Women Don't Eat Cabbage. Being an unknown author certainly has its challenges when it comes to trying to share your new book with the world, but I am happily plodding away, one day at a time, trying to spread the word about my whimsical take on pregnancy. Visiting the delivery room seven times has given me plenty of fodder for this life changing topic of being pregnant and delivering all my precious cargo. Raising eight children is indeed exhausting and at times I look at myself in the mirror and say "What were you thinking?" and then . . . one of them looks at me and talks about some silly thing they did that day at school, or I observe another giggling with one of their brothers or sisters and then I remember. There's no need to think about it; just be grateful and enjoy it. (And after six years of infertility and one adoption, this is exactly how I feel! smile)

And now my friends, I must head back to the indoor swimming swamp--which is now home to our family room! I hope this finds you all healthy, happy and dry!

Take care,
    ~ Cheryl

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