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Entry 49 ~ July 29, 2010
~ Mid-Summer Joys

CherylHello to all my StorkNet friends and family! As I write this, we are entering into the mid-point of summer, and a hot one it has been here in Rhode Island! I can't remember so much steamy, humid heat. People are cranky, tired and miserable! I, on the other hand, am really enjoying it. Not only are we blessed to have central AC (which is going to cost us a fortune this year!), we have access to my brother's seaside resort all summer long. My brother, Doug, is an emergency room PA and a very eligible bachelor! He owns a beautiful home that is just three neighborhoods away from us and we have an open invitation to use his gorgeous in ground pool anytime we like. He also has a boat, so when he is not working, he is out on his boat so the way I see it-if it weren't for my kids and I, that place would be going to waste! Ha ha Now that my eight kids are ages 4 - 17, they are all great swimmers and they all learned in my brother's pool. I can now actually sit poolside with a book or magazine and read while they swim! I never thought I'd get to this point, but I have finally arrived!

Part of this is very bittersweet. I no longer have a baby in a carriage napping next to me. I have two teenagers that are driving and that have jobs. The other kids don't insist that I swim next to them the entire time we are at the pool or at the beach (in Rhode Island we have fabulous beaches!) because they are reveling in their independence. I know this is a good thing--for them and for me--but I still get pangs when I see a very pregnant woman, a sweet newborn baby, or a feisty toddler. Sigh! But as I said, it is bittersweet-which means I am also entering a very exciting time as a mother. I've been doing this mother thing for 17 years now, and after six years of infertility, a successful adoption and then seven births, I never, ever take any of it for granted. (Remind me of this when we are into the third week of August and I am counting the days until school starts! Ha ha) Childhood is so precious and goes by so darn fast, it truly is a gift and a privilege to be called "Mom."

Annie and GrandmaIn addition to all that, we can also thank our lucky stars that Brian's parents (both 85 years young!) live right on a gorgeous pond where we can kayak, fish, swim or just hang out on the dock and daydream. They also have a pool and since Brian is away during most of the week for work, the kids and I will head over to Grandma's house after dinner many nights for swimming and pond fun! My mother-in-law and I are great friends (imagine that!) and we share a glass (or two) of wine many evenings.

As I said earlier, it may be an unusually hot and steamy summer, but I wouldn't trade this one for anything!

Hoping this finds you and your families enjoying a wonderful summer as well!

Take care,
    ~ Cheryl

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