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Entry 5 ~ October 6, 2008
~ It Comes in Threes!

Annie and Mom at the Pumpkin Patch
Annie & Mom at the
Pumpkin Patch
Great news everyone!! The dryer is fixed! On Thursday of last week at approximately 12:07 PM, Stan finished fixing our dryer! Fifteen days and $536.42 later, she is purring like a kitten and we are now drying off in complete luxury-soft, fluffy towels as opposed to the scratchy, musty, line-dried ones! All is right with the world.

Or so I thought.

No sooner had I finished drying my son's sheets and comforter (luckily he wet the bed after the dryer was back in service one full day) I discovered a little problem with the washer. I threw in my load of whites for the day and tore off to drop Annie off at nursery school. Upon returning, I stepped into the laundry room and noticed the washer was full of suds and the cycle lights were frozen but blinking. The cycle should've been done by the time I returned home, but instead a sudsy front loader was awaiting me, not a spanking clean load of spun-dried whites. Yikes!

I didn't panic-well, OK, maybe just a little bit. I thought maybe the power had gone off for a few minutes or something logical like that to cause the cycle to freeze, so I calmly reset the buttons for a rinse and spin and sure enough, that seemed to do the trick.

For that load, anyway!

To make a long, pitiful story short-my washer is now on the fritz. I have to stop the cycle and reset it during nearly every other wash. I'm not superstitious and hate to call it bad luck, so I'll just go with my old standby that "things come in threes," especially when it comes to things breaking down. I've had the microwave, dishwasher and blender all go kaput within a few weeks of each other, I've had car problems, treadmills, and vacuum cleaners wreak havoc all at the same time, as well as the kids being sick, losing the diamond from my wedding ring and the dog injuring her paw right in a row -so why should this be any different?

It's early Monday morning, and the first thing I did after shipping three busloads of kids off to school was cut my morning chit-chat with my dear friend Sabina at the bus stop short so I could come in and call the appliance people (that were just here three days ago) and schedule a service appointment. I don't cut the morning happy hour short at the bus stop unless it's an emergency! This time is sacred and for years has been my only real "adult" conversation where I could exchange a dialogue with someone other than the Nick Jr. characters I listen to with the kids in the morning! (I'll have to make it up to Sabina tomorrow morning! I'll bring muffins to the "stop" with me or maybe even a few bon bons!)

The Service Department had already forgotten who I was, but lucky for me they'd be happy to come back out to the tune of $140 for the call itself, and I will only have to wait until Friday for the appointment! The good news, however, is that I can still use the washer; I just have to be patient and restart the cycles every few washes. Piece of cake-I've been through far worse.

Annie's First Field Trip
Annie's First Field Trip
On a happier note--I'm proud to announce that Annie has gone on her very first field trip-a hayride at the pumpkin patch with the Ginger Bread House Nursery school. This is big doings to a little girl who is about to turn three and has had to observe her older siblings coming and going on their field trips for all of her short life. Let me tell you this-did she ever enjoy herself! She picked out the cheesiest, cutest little pumpkin and has been carrying it with her faithfully all weekend long! She couldn't wait to show it to her brothers and sisters and to my humble surprise-they all oohed and aahed over it like it was the greatest pumpkin they'd ever seen, and this includes my 14-year old son, Connor, who barely notices he has a baby sister!! Boy, does this do a mother's heart good, and completely overshadows all the lousy inconveniences of life's broken dryers and washers and makes me realize what a blessing these kids all are.

Just remind me to think like that when "the third thing breaks" won't you, because if history repeats itself I'm in for one more thing to round out the dryer and washer-the question I'm afraid to ask is-what will it be?

Hope you all have a wonderful week and are enjoying autumn-like weather in your neck of the woods. The leaves are late in turning those beautiful jewel-toned colors here in Rhode Island, but we're hoping for that now that October is here. Speaking of which, time to get serious in thinking about Halloween-a major event in this house!

Take care,
   ~ Cheryl

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