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Entry 51 ~ December 1, 2010
~ Full Throttle into the Holiday Season

8 is enoughHello Friends--and a very BELATED update to my journal here at the wonderful world of StorkNet!
,br> Things in the Butler household are well-crazy busy, but well! We just had a wonderful Thanksgiving and like the rest of you, are now full throttle into the holiday season.

Part of my absence from journaling the past few months comes from my latest endeavor-writing full time for one of AOL's Patch sites. While I never intended to go back to work full time until Annie, our youngest of the brood, entered Kindergarten next year, this job simply fell in my lap, and the opportunity was too good to pass up.

I've been a stay-at-home mom (whatever that is!) for the past 17 years. My kids are used to laundry being done, meals being prepared, errands being run and the house being somewhat tidy. Since my hours are now divided up into a million different ways, however, the entire family is feeling the crunch. On the bright side, I can now see how I underestimated my value in this family! And so did everyone else who calls this place home.

We still haven't found our groove, although, I think we're almost there. Now that the holidays are here, however, that could change all of that. Easy come, easy go!

My husband, Brian, is still traveling most of the week, so it's been an even trickier adjustment to manage the job/home/8-kid thing alone. Still, I'm so grateful for a partner when he is home. My hat goes off to single parents everywhere. It ain't easy!

Sorry to have left you all hanging for the past few months. I hope to return to regular entries once the holidays are over.

The kids are all well and we are remaining healthy so far during cold and flu season. I have a nasty sinus infection at the moment but you know what they say-"You can't keep a good woman down!"

Wishing all of you and your wonderful families a very healthy and joyful holiday season and best wishes for a fun-filled and fantastic new year ahead!

Take care,
    ~ Cheryl

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