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Entry 52 ~ February 5, 2011
~ How Do I Love Thee . . .

Hello one and all!

Let it snowWell, last we spoke-it was the holidays, and I was decking the halls, continuing my stint as a full-time mom of eight, tackling four plus loads of laundry a day, preparing three gourmet meals a day, trying to keep up with vacuuming, dusting, mopping and cleaning, all while entertaining my youngest-still at home but going to nursery school, managing my family alone while my husband traveled on business all week and . . . and . . . had just started a full-time writing job for AOL. If you're wondering why I haven't been journaling quite as often as I have in the past-that about explains it!

Forgive me for my absence! Writing, no matter what the format, is my true passion. My challenge the past few months is still the same-trying to juggle my old routine with my new one. Since we're all still in clean underwear and not going hungry, I must be doing something right!

My oldest, now a senior in high school, is getting ready to decide which college she wants to attend next fall. My youngest, in her last year at nursery school, is counting the days until she gets to attend all-day kindergarten in September. Myself-I am just taking it one day at a time but to be honest, I have no real complaints. I wouldn't trade a thing.

We did have a wonderful Christmas and now my youngest ones are eagerly anticipating Valentine's Day! How the heck did that happen? Sheepishly, I admit that some of my Christmas decorations are still up and about in the house. My goal was to have these little details all wrapped and packed and back up to the attic by the end of January-but no go! I'll shoot for mid February now! At least the tree is down!

Like many of you, Rhode Island has had one of its snowiest winters in quite a while. As I type, we have more snow and freezing rain falling. It's a cold snowy New England evening and many are just counting the days until spring. Fall is my favorite season, so I truly am not minding the extra cold winter. It just provides extra "cozy" time with my family-who are growing much too quickly!

Next year at this time, I'll have one away at college, another one driving, one more with a driver's permit and all my kids, after 18 years of motherhood, will be in school all day long! I have to stop and take in a slow, deep breath just thinking about that.

Since that's a year away, I'll stick to the here and now. Valentine's Day is around the corner and I am looking forward to decorating the house with lots of pink and red paper hearts and indulging in a few truffles here and there.

My new book, Pregnant Women Don't Eat Cabbage, was released last year on February 25th. I had my first TV appearance for my book last week and it was very exciting. I loved sharing my love of pregnancy with the viewers and am very excited about my second book which is well in the works. Finding enough time to get things accomplished is the only constant that never changes in my life-that and the complete adoration I have for being a mother!

I hope this finds you all very healthy and happy during this cold winter of 2011! Wishing you and yours a very Happy and love-filled Valentine's Day!

Talk to you soon!
    ~ Cheryl

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