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Entry 53 ~ March 23, 2011
~ Thinking Spring!

Cameron at the spelling beeOfficially, spring has sprung, or so says the calendar. In Rhode Island, it's been gray, dank, cool, and at this very moment-it's snowing! My kids are jumping and down thinking they may get yet another snow day tomorrow! Dream on! Mother Nature isn't that cruel. She wouldn't think of giving us East Coast moms their sixth or seventh snow day of the year! Would she? I've already packed all the lunches, just in case, and insisted they all do their homework--this, in between shuttling my two oldest sons back and forth to baseball practice all afternoon and early evening.

Ah yes, baseball season. With eight kids, five of them boys, we live, breathe and sleep baseball from late February until mid-October. In years past, by the time May rolls around I am literally hanging by a thread! Between all the practices and games which are non-stop seven days a week, my life becomes one big jock strap and batting cage!

This year, however, I am thrilled to report that our oldest daughter got her driver's license in December and our second oldest, who is almost 17, should (God willing) get his license next week. What does that mean for me? Less running around! Less practice drop offs and pick-ups! Less gray hairs! Ha ha

My husband Brian earned a full scholarship to college for being a pitcher and short stop. Most of our sons have been blessed with his baseball genes. (Oh, wouldn't at least one scholarship be nice in this family!?) Now, not all of our boys are natural athletes. Our fourth son, Brendan, who is now in the fourth grade, played his first season last year and although he was quite enthusiastic on the field (especially when he had the opportunity to chat with the friends he knew on the opposing team!) batting was not his strength. If memory serves me correctly, his first time up to bat, he struck out but ran to first base anyway (bat and all). He did manage to get a few hits, but it just isn't his sport. (Although, he signed up again this year, so we will see.)

Other big news in our family is that our son, Cameron, in the fifth grade won the school spelling bee in February. What really makes this so special is that Cameron has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) due to a speech delay. He was the first student in our school's history to win a spelling bee with an IEP! Also, he was competing against Junior High kids . . . so when a fifth grader wins (again, very rare in our school) it is a big deal! We are quite proud. It's a moment I'll never forget.

My husband is still traveling quite a bit, so I am here alone with the brood during most of the week. We're so used to this schedule now, but I do dream of the day when he won't have to be away so much.

I'm still enjoying my new full-time writing position with AOL's on-line newspaper, Patch. I have deadlines every other day. This was no easy feat at first, but happily, I'm great under pressure, so that has worked in my favor.

In other writing news, I am publishing a mini book on my journey with infertility. It happened completely by accident (sometimes those are the best kinds of successes!) so I will keep you all posted.

Wishing you all a very happy and warm spring!
    ~ Cheryl

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