Christian's Pregnancy Journal
Christian and Psalm
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Christian's pregnancy journal.

Christian (20), and her husband Solomon have been married two years and are the proud parents of Psalm Jael, born August 29, 2005. They conceived their second daughter and Brooklyn Symone was born on August 2, 2007 at 39+ weeks.

Christian's Journal Entries

Meet Christian

Week 7
Should I be Thinking Blue??

Week 8
The week from H.E. (well, you know where!!!)

Week 9
Improvement and a Baby Bump

Week 10
Adventures in the ER

Week 11
Time Continues to Fly

Week 12
Doctor's Appointment

Week 13
I'm Complaining and Venting

Week 14
Bringing Sexy Back

Week 15
Busy Busy Busy

Week 16
Showing Off My Scatter Brain

Week 17
Let me see your . . . Birth Control???

Week 18
Sleep Would Be Nice

Week 19/20
My Mini-Novel

Week 21
So there's a king, a queen, and . . .

Week 22
Those without a sense of humor beware

Week 23
Pillows Pillows Everywhere and Not an Ounce of SLEEP!

Week 24
Taking It Easy

Week 25
Just Drag . . . ging Along

Week 26
I Quit!

Week 27/28
Catching Up

Week 29
Playing Catch Up Again

Week 30
Doctor Appointment and the Zoo

Week 31
Uncomfortable and Restless

Week 32
A Psalmmy Free Weekend!

Week 33
Hang in There Miss Brooklyn!

Week 34
**Hoping she'll hang on a little while longer**

Week 35
We Made It!

Week 36
Still Hanging Around

Week 37
Miss Brooklyn is going to be evicted!

Week 38
**Waiting Anxiously**

Birth Story
Miss Brooklyn Is Here!

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