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BrooklynWell, Wednesday, August 1st, I wrote my week 38 entry. I was complaining, but failed to mention that that morning I had some pretty painful contractions. They werenít anything regular so I ignored them. That evening I went over my auntís house and I was craving pancakes. My grandma made me pancakes and said she didnít think Iíd make it through the night. After the pancakes, I took my auntís dog and Psalm for a walk. The contractions started back up and the baby looked significantly lower when we returned. Initially, we were going to bring Psalm back home since sheíd been at my auntís since Sunday night and still nothing happened. My grandma convinced me to let her stay and if nothing happened we could come back to get her the morning.

Solomon and I got home around 11:00pm after doing some more walking. I felt fine, just tired and very thirsty. I drank what seemed to be a gallon of various things - juice, water - anything liquid and finally drifted off to sleep. I woke up around 3:00am in pain. I did not realize until about 45 minutes later they were regular contractions about 10 minutes apart. By 4:00am I was feeling like I needed to poop and Iíd only feel good while sitting legs spread apart. I wanted to make sure it was the real thing because I didnít want to get sent back home. I paced the floor a couple of minutes, then they started every 4-7 minutes apart and I was crying when one hit. Solomon convinced me enough was enough and I needed to call Labor and Delivery. I went to the bathroom and was having bloody show, so I agreed and made the call. They told me get moving now especially since we lived such a distance. We left the house at approximately 4:26 am.

The ride over to the hospital was hysterical, to say the least. Solomon was nervous and flying to the hospital. In the car, the contractions were coming every 3-6 minutes and I was an absolute mess. Bumps and railroad tracks made everything 100 times worse and I was basically climbing the ceiling during the contractions, but very calm and even cracking jokes and laughing at myself in between. We made it to the hospital in record time, even with getting caught by a train. We made it upstairs to triage and I was hooked up to the monitors. The contractions were coming every 3-4 minutes and I was 5cm, 100% effaced and baby was at station 0. I was definitely staying.

I was admitted at about 6:30am. My IV was started and I was already next in line for the epidural. I was trying to breathe through the contractions, but they were kind of unbearable. I think the pitocin contractions were way more manageable for me than these. I did manage to call my family and tell them I was at the hospital and told them I would call post-epidural. At 7:05am, the epidural fairy arrived and by 7:15 I was comfortable and back to myself. This time around I had a different epidural than with Psalm with a button I could press for more meds. I didnít really care for this one because I had to keep moving from side-to-side or else Iíd become extremely numb on one side and could feel on the other.

The antibiotics were started soon after the epidural was placed. My bag of waters were still intact, so we waited and tired to nap until 11:15am, when they would break my bag of waters if they still had not broken on their own. The doctor came in around 11:45 and broke my water. I was 6cm, 7cm dilated with a contraction at that point. The baby was still at station 0 and I was informed by the doctor that she had lots of hair. I thought breaking my water would really move things along. I was excited and knew I would be meeting my little girl in 2 hours or so tops.

At around 2:00pm., I started to feel a lot of pain again. I couldnít tell whether it was pain or the urge to push since I was so numb from the epidural. Surprisingly the pain was the epidural wearing off. The doctor came in to check me at around 3:00 and I was 9cm dilated, but baby was still very high. The nurse called anesthesia for a re-dose. They came with more medicine at 3:30pm, but I was never really very comfortable again. I was so numb it was painful. At this point, I was very tired and I was starting to sort of blackout between contractions. I could hear the nurses and doctors talking to me, but I couldnít really comprehend what the heck they were saying. I was telling them I thought I felt pressure, but I wasnít really sure since I was so numb. They checked and said the baby was still high and I had a lip of cervix left.

Brooklyn and PsalmAt about 5:45pm, the attending doctor came in and ordered me to start doing practice pushes. He was feeling around and told me my pelvis was big enough and the baby did not seem to be as big as others had predicted (8lbs or so). I kept asking was the baby Ďsunny side upí because I know this can make descent into the birth canal more difficult. I was told she was still too high up to tell. They gave me the option of waiting until she came down on her own or trying to push her down. I couldnít really comprehend to make a decision, so I was just there for another hour.

At 6:25pm, the nurse came and we started practice pushes. I was able to push past the lip of cervix. Baby was coming down, but very slowly. I pushed and pushed for over an hour. They brought in a mirror so I could see the very slow progress I was making. I was just ready to have her out.

At 7:55pm, the doctor came back and said weíre about to have your baby now! He put his fingers inside and had me push them out. We did this about three times and then I felt this intense pressure and I was no longer able to rest my leg down between pushes. He had Solomon sit down by him with the money shot to provide coaching. I told them I needed to push and with that push her head finally crowned. The doctors started to disappear saying to wait and they needed to get dressed. Iím yelling that they need to come back now because she's definitely coming. I was feeling soo much pressure now. Finally they got dressed and her forehead popped out. I wanted to just keep pushing, but they told me to slow down. I was trying to listen to them, but the pressure was so intense and the only thing that eased the pressure was pushing.

One more push and her head was out. Solomon was holding my legs and telling me how much hair she had. I felt her shoulders and they told me to do slow pushes. I tried my best to not push too hard and pop . . . the pressure was gone and they say, "Thereís your baby. August 2nd 20:03 (8:03pm)." They asked Solomon to cut the cord and the doctors are all like ďWOW! This is a big baby!Ē Solomon cut the cord and a few seconds pass and then I hear her cry. Her APGARS were 8 and 9.

Meanwhile, there are tons of doctors telling me I did a good job while they knead my stomach like dough to get the placenta to deliver. Then I hear the nurse say "WOW! The baby is 9 lbs 1 oz!" I couldnít believe it. A couple of minutes later they gave her to Solomon. It took about 10 minutes to deliver the placenta and I also had a minor first-degree tear (yes . . . my worst nightmare) and needed to get a couple of stitches.

Recovery hasnít been that bad, but itís not as easy as it was with Psalm. I was in a lot of pain for the first 3 days or so. I also experienced really bad cramping while nursing this time around. I can hardly feel the stitches, only if I sit a certain way. I was very afraid of this happening, but it hasnít been nearly as bad as I imagined. Sitz baths and the peri-bottle are my best friends for the time being.

BrooklynThe baby is the perfect little girl. My heart has grown so much and Iím so full of love. We had a couple of complications at first, due to her being large for gestational age; she had to have her blood sugar monitored. The colostrum wasnít quite enough for her either, so we had to supplement with formula for the first couple of days. Sheís now nursing like a pro and growing like a weed. She had her first doctorís appointment at 7 days old and was up to 9lbs 5oz from 8lbs 12oz when we left the hospital. Psalm has been such the big sister and helper and has even started going to the potty this week.

Iíd like to thank everyone for reading my journal and taking this journey with me. Thanks to all the ladies who took at the time from their busy lives to drop me a line. A special thanks to Maribeth for allowing me to sure my pregnancy with the StorkNet community. Itís truly been a blast. Hey, maybe in the very, very far away future if we get the courage to try for that little boy Iíll get a chance to write again. But for now, with my little princesses and king life fills full and complete.

Hoping all the mommies have safe and healthy deliveries and recoveries,

Brooklyn Symone
August 2, 2007 8:03pm
9 lbs 1 oz


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