Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 10
~ Adventures in the ER

This week started off good. I was feeling better. My energy was slowly starting to return and I was learning to at least cope with the all-day sickness. Thursday afternoon, I returned to work after two days off. I was fine at first, and then at about 4:30 I started to feel this intense aching in my lower abdomen.

I did manage to make it to the end of my work day. I called Solomon and my mom to let them know Iíd be heading to the emergency room after work. I walked over and waited to register. There were so many people there that night and so many sick toddlers. I felt horrible seeing all the babies so red with fever and waiting patiently with their parents. Itís a wonder that I didnít bring anything back home to Psalm.

The triage nurse attended to me pretty quickly. I had to stay close to the nurses since my blood pressure was high (148/89). Immediately Iím thinking pre-eclampsia and bed rest and how I wish weight watchers had a chance to help me take those extra pounds off before I became preggers again. Anyway, I was admitted in back at about 8:00 p.m. By that time my mom and Solomon had made it there.

The resident came in right away. She gave me Tylenol for the pain and did a pelvic exam. She was really nice and her name was Doctor Gray (Greyís Anatomy is my favorite show). Her attending followed and ordered a blood test and ultrasound. They needed to make sure I wasnít bleeding anywhere because Iím Rh-negative (Iíll explain in detail around week 28 when I receive the RhoGam shot) and any mixing of my blood and the babyís could be dangerous if the baby is not also Rh-negative, which is likely.

I had to wait about two hours for the ultrasound because all the technicians had gone home for the night. At about 11:00pm, I was transported to imaging. Solomon had to stay behind which made me a bit down because I know he wanted to get a sneak peek at our little one also. The pregnancy was inside the uterus, which was what they were primarily concerned about. The baby was measuring perfectly for an August 8th due date and so cute! S/he had the biggest head ever and a cute little body. S/he was also moving and grooving around making it hard to catch the heartbeat, which was a strong 180. I noticed the technician looking a little strange. Turns out the baby has a twin!!!!

No, not literally. But the baby is sharing my uterus with a 10cm ovarian cyst. Iíve never had problems with cysts so I have no idea how long itís actually been there. I read some pretty scary things about cyst and pregnancy though, like if it bursts Iím at risk for miscarriage or pre-term labor. So, there is always more to worry about.

To cut to the end of my adventure I ended up staying there until 4:00am the next morning. The final diagnosis was dehydration (for which I had to drink 3 liters of water before I left . . . It was either that or an IV) and a urinary tract infection. Iím doing better now. I took it easy all weekend and I have one more day left before I complete my antibiotic. The antibiotic made my stomach hurt so that hasnít been good on top of the nausea. I look at it this way things could be worst.

I do have good news. We finally found a cute way to announce the pregnancy to our friends and family. I attached the photo card weíll be using. What do you think???

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