Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 11
~ Time Continues to Fly

Thereís nothing new to report this week. Still coping with all-day sickness and eagerly awaiting the burst of energy Iím hoping the second trimester will bring. My belly is sticking out a little more everyday so maybe itís the real thing and not really bloating. Iíve been trying to keep a close watch on my weight this time since Iím starting out overweight. So far Iíve been on track gaining about 2.5 pounds. I attribute that to not having the best eating habits this time around since Iíve been so sick. Iíve been eating only once or twice daily and thatíll usually make me gain a little. Iím committing to improve over the next week.

Weíve been working on potty training Psalm. Iím especially terrified to have two in diapers. I think sheís ready because sheís starting to hide when she has to go potty. We brought her pull-ups and a potty a few weeks ago and weíre not trying to rush anything. It would be nice to have her in "big girl undies" by August.

I did have enough energy to go to the salon this week. I havenít been since Iíve been pregnant, so it was a nice treat to be pampered for a few hours. I used to have really long hair, but when I was 5 months pregnant with Psalm I cut all my hair really short (Iím talking leaving only about 2 inches). I glad to see it growing back and in such a healthy condition.

I have my first dreaded appointment with my current OB. Iím hoping everything goes well and Iíll make a smooth transition to the new one in 4 weeks. Time continues to fly.

Until next week,

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