Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13
~ I'm Complaining and Venting

So this week I complain and vent . . .

The Bears LOST the Super Bowl.

Chicago has been experiencing below zero temperatures. The weather on top of the Bears losing the Super Bowl has only made matters worse for me. I havenít stepped outside the house since Friday (the last day I attended work). Iíve only been to the door to pay the pizza guy Monday and the Chinese Food guy (I know . . . sorry for my political incorrectness) yesterday. My eating habits have been bad. Iím cold. AND weíve gotten about 6 inches of snow in the last few days. Depressing!

Then, my job situation continues to deteriorate. Weíve just hired a new manager and sheís come in and making a mess of the place. Sheís been there 3 weeks and sheís already caused a lot of the Pharmacists and Doctors to complain about her. Last Wednesday night the Pharmacy had a meeting that I was unable to attend, but the new manager basically said that another girl and I who have the same position were going to get our hours cut again (we already only work 12-13 hours weekly) and if we donít like it to find another job. She was very nasty, so much so that one of my dear friends chose to retire this week.

Solomon and I had already discussed that I would stay at home after the birth of the baby. Day care for two children would be so expensive that itís more profitable to have me at home. I was expecting I would at least work until the beginning of July, but with this change I donít know if I can mentally or emotionally withstand another 5 months or so. So, Iíve been working on a list of things weíll need this time around so we can start buying and adjusting to one income. If things continue in this way (and Iím almost positive they will), I may be a stay at home mom sooner than later.

My belly continues to grow. Weíve shared the news with a few more people. Everyone has been very supportive and looking forward to meeting our new addition in August. Iíll have a belly picture maybe next week . . . Itís still a little lumpy now and Iím waiting for it to round out a bit more.


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