Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 14
~ Bringing Sexy Back

I have new and exciting news to report this week. Some people may think Iím nuts, but I felt the baby's first flutters this week. There's been no real consistency to the little flutters and rolls, but they definitely exist. I really didn't expect to feel movement this early on. In my pregnancy with Psalm I felt movement at 14 weeks also, which is really rare for first timers. I had no idea what it was, but it happened at a doctor's appointment so she placed the Doppler where I felt the "movement" and there was Psalm's heartbeat. Feeling movement with this pregnancy has been truly bittersweet. When youíre pregnant for the first time you're amazing by everything and so focused. I appreciate writing this journal because it helps me remember in just six more months my love is going to grow in a way I once thought impossible.

This weekend I was able to get out for a Girls Day Out. My friend and I went out while Solomon and her husband looked after Psalm. It was only the third time in the past 18 months I've been out alone without hubby or the baby (I gotta stop calling her that especially when she keeps telling me she's a "big Durl"!). I love them to death, but the time away was nice and needed! I wasn't able to find anything to fit in maternity, but was able to find some plus size clothing that makes it known Iím expecting and proud. I also found the cutest unisex onesie that says "I cry over spilt milk" for the baby.

This pregnancy has really put a damper on my sex life. I'd been so sick for the first twelve weeks it was literally the last thing on my mind, if it was there at all. My friend and I also did a little shopping at Lover's Lane, since the woes of the first trimester had pretty much passed. Hey I'm a married woman and I'm finally ready to get my sexy back, yeah! Most of the stuff in the store was a bit too racy for me. I did find this excellent warming message oil (100 times better than the KY stuff and only $2 more expensive) and a book 101 nights of Grrrrreat Sex. The book is awesome and not wild or bizarre. It has sealed pages - 50 seductions for her, 50 for him, and one graduation exercise. For me, pregnancy brings awkwardness and body image issues. The book has definitely helped boost my confidence. Pregnancy is sexy again!

Okay thatís enough of that.

Weíve been snowed in the last couple of days. I've attached pictures of the four of us in our first family snow.

Have a great week,



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