Christian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 16
~ Showing Off My Scatter Brain

ChristianI promised there would be much to report this week and there is. I started the week with my 16 week ob appointment. The change I made couldn't have been better. I love love love my new ob. The office staff was very efficient and thorough. Before my actual appointment I met with a nurse for a 30 minute interview, which covered everything from concerns, feelings about the pregnancy, and the strength of my support system at home. The nurse was great; she'd been at hospital for 25 years and came to the office to take the place of a nurse who'd retired after 50 years. I finally felt like I could have my questions answered without being rushed.

We have a heartbeat!!! I was concerned because the midwife hadn't found the heartbeat at my last appointment, not that she tried anyway. Remember the cyst I was concerned about in week 10? Well, the midwife didn't seem to be very concerned about it and said she'd tell them to look at my level II. When I told my new ob, she stepped out and called ultrasound to see if they could see me right away. I got to get a peek at our little one. Everything was fine. The cyst is gone on the right ovary, but now I have a 6cm one on the left side. The doctor really relieved my fears of miscarriage. She explained that before the placenta comes into play the baby gets everything it needs from a simple cyst, so if it ruptures at that point youíll miscarry. Being 16 weeks and having a working placenta, I no longer have to worry my little head. Whoooo! What a relief!

PsalmNow skipping back to the ultrasound, it was amazing. I'm sooo in love. The baby was moving and sucking his/her little hand. I just wanted to melt right there . . . Too cute! I didn't bother asking the sex because I know it's not as visible now as compared to week 20. I'm thinking it's a boy, but when I had my 18 week ultrasound with Psalm I also thought she was a boy only to find out 5 weeks later I was so wrong. I've had the mystery solved of the frequent bathroom trips that were suppose to stop some weeks back; the baby is lying tummy down and using my bladder as a body pillow! The funny thing about this little one is the legs, which are at this point longer than the rest of his/her body. I got a few fuzzy prints, but they looked worse scanned so hopefully Iíll get better ones at my week 20 so that all can see my little heart.

Saturday and Sunday was my special religious assembly. It was very good information based on the scriptures from Matthew 6:22-33. Being at the assembly made me remember being at assembly the year before when Psalm was just five months. Immediately I fast-forwarded to next year being there with an infant and toddler. Although, I have a lot of support I couldn't help but get a little nervous. It really hit me, this time next year I'll be a mommy of two Ė scary and heartwarming.

The last couple of days I've been relaxing and getting myself together to return to work on Thursday and Friday. I need a vacation before the baby, but I'm thinking it's probably not going to happen. My husband is starting a new job in a couple of weeks; weíre moving sometime in May or June, and if it's a boy we have to buy everything new (we made the mistake of buying all gender specific items for Psalm). Vacation is just not in the budget right now.

I hope I didnít lose anyone this week . . . I'm writing how I feel . . . Scatter Brain!


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